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  1. I want to thank Amanda H, since this is an issue I have been struggling with in my research. I often download PDFs of articles and then need to annotate them, but the default annotation font is often too large and certainly does not need a snazzy outline around it. The people I share these notes with are smart. They don't need flashing lights in their eyes to understand that they should read something and get back to me. Her explanation and GIFs showed me how to use Evernote much better. If Evernote were to add a great feature for me, it would be to do these annotations in a sidebar outside of the margins of each PDF or article, so I could add them as footnotes or comments rather than trying to squeeze them into the margins.
  2. Here's a workaround that seems to work: 1. Create a notebook called Archives or something similar. 2. Open your Trash folder and highlight all notes. 3. Use the "move to" function to move them to your Archives notebook. 4. Sync 5. The notes are now searchable. 6. Delete selectively to move notes back to trash, if you have time. I don't. 7. Limit searches to exclude archived notes as needed or sort search results by notebook, etc., to keep them from cluttering your normal searches. I use GTD priority tags so the notes I want to find are usually at the top of my searches. 8. Going forward, notes that are merged into a single note will be added to Trash automatically. This should not create a problem since the content is preserved in the new note. Everything else I am tempted to delete, I will move to Archives.
  3. +1. This would be a major productivity enhancer and used by millions everyday.
  4. I don't know if I can take any more of this. First the 5 beta, which should have been classed an alpha because of the crashes. A beta is supposed to be solid for everyday use, but with a few rough edges. Your beta should never have been made public. I've followed the Evernote 5 discussion on LinkedIn, and the terrible experiences of other users affirmed my miserable experience of trying the beta and having my work life destroyed. I loved the new functionality and look, but then it crashed and crashed and crashed. Fortunately, after I uninstalled it and reinstalled the 4.7 from an executable file I had archived, I could continue using Evernote to do my work. Then, this evening, the clipper updated in Chrome, but it does not clip. The circle turns but nothing happens. How many straws does it take to break a camel's back? Evernote has a good concept behind it, but the execution is execrable. This week was a big patch week for Microsoft, too, and I've lost many hours of productivity to their incompetence. I'm now placing Evernote in the same category of companies. Next week, I buy a Mac. Tonight, I begin migrating my GTD system out of Evernote.
  5. I'm having this problem, over 2 years since gerolfgmf's post in 2011. Running Chrome stable version 27.0.1453.94 m.
  6. Try using Evernote Clearly. It will strip out all the Gmail surround and create a clean Gmail message that you can then save to Evernote with a few clicks. If you feel you must save everything to Evernote, then this is a good solution for adding Gmail to your mix. Not an optimal solution. Not as good as using Evernote with Outlook, but workable. Questions? Let me know, and I'll try to answer.
  7. Thank you for getting back to me. I think I misunderstood what Chrome Clipper would do. Correct me if I am wrong, but when I am using Firefox, the clips appear immediately in the desktop client. I thought that this would happen in Chrome as well. As you say, the clips went to the web app and then appeared in the desktop app at the next sync.
  8. I am having a similar problem, though I am on the newest version of Chrome stable (Version 24.0.1312.56 m). The web clipper works if I clip to the web client, but not if I clip to the desktop client. I have a premium account and am running the latest version of the desktop client as of today on a WinXP SP3 Lenovo T500.
  9. Here is a workaround. It's not elegant, but it works. Hold down the Shift key (this is for Windows--I don't know the key on MAC) Click on the parent tag and then on each of the sub or child tags. Press control+F10 or use the View menu to Show Search Explanation. Change "Matching All" to "Matching Any." This will show you all the notes with any of these tags. Click the magnifying glass with a plus sign on the right of the search view bar to save the search. The main weakness of this workaround is that you have to create a new search every time you add a sub-tag to a tag that you want to search.
  10. What about writing comments at the top, and then inserting a horizontal line to separate them from the pristine copied html below?
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