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  1. Not quite sure when this change happened, but the folder limit for premium has in fact been bumped up to 1000! This is AWESOME! Thank you Evernote!!
  2. BTW jefito, thank you for the link on nesting. I found that option of tags being hierarchically organized quite useful, and it is one that I have not utilized. Given current limitations of the program (which I would still advocate changing for premium users) it's definitely worth incorporating into my organizing scheme.
  3. The reason I need more than 250 folders is the same that you can't get by with just lower case-that's how I roll dude
  4. I agree that limiting the folders of premium users to the same number, 250, as those who have free accounts, is ridiculous. It is the only major feature that does not upgrade for paying customers. Paying $70/year should allow an increase to at least 500, if not 1000.
  5. I have been a premium customer for years but never ran into this problem: evernote caps the number of folders-at 250. While in theory a limit is not unreasonable, what I find very objectionable is that I, a premium customer who pays $70/year, has the same limit as a person who opens a free account. In fact I think this may be the only major feature that does not upgrade as you go from free to plus to premium. I really think it is ridiculous and would expect to have a limit of at least 500 or 1000. Better yet would be no limit as this is kind of stupid anyway for paying customers. We should be given flexibility, not constraints when paying for a service.
  6. The idea the the order of the photos is, "by design," in the order of size and not the order taken is very strange. It undercuts the whole purpose of the feature's function. Even the most basic scanning app in the App Store gets the order right. To release this feature without basic functionality is unwise and frustrating to users. I know that eventually you guys will nail it, but for now it's probably best to scan in another program, such as scanner pro, and then import into evernote.
  7. I noticed a change in the web clipper in safari today, to which I have mixed reactions. The article to be clipped appears on a white background and there is a tab to the right side that needs to be clicked in order to confirm/set notebook and save. There are also various ways of modifying the article, such as highlighting, etc. I have noticed that the clipper's ability to pick the correct notebook, which previously was almost unerring, is now often wrong. This is somewhat perplexing and unfortunate. The whole process now takes me longer to clip on safari which is also unfortunate.
  8. Technically, jefito, you are correct that the documents temporarily go to a local folder in the method described. The folder is however used only as a transient conduit to the cloud and no documents are stored locally. That is to say that as soon as they are directed to evernote, the local copy in the folder is immediately (and automatically) erased and no hard drive space is used up over time.
  9. You can do this a number of ways. First way depends on your scanner, which if it is a Fujitsu scansnap, has the option of putting the scanned document right into evernote (or dropbox as well as any number of other cloud services). Fujitsu is the best option for converting paper into PDFs. I assume you don't use Fujitsu since you are asking this question. A second way for the mac involves an applescript which sets up a folder on the desktop that puts everything that goes into it directly into evernote without saving a copy on the computer. You dump your scanned docs into the folderand they go straight into evernote, and you can choose which folder to put the doc into. I have used this for some time and it is great! The web site is: http://veritrope.com/tech/evernote-desktop-folder/ THere may be a similar way on Windows, but since I don't use it, I can't help you there
  10. I briefly tried evernote 5, and for the reasons listed above by others, had a very strong aversion to it. I therefore re-installed ver 3.3 and am very happy with it's core function, which in my opinion far exceeded that of Evernote 5. The grey on grey is insane. Maybe my eyes just can't accommodate to it, but it was very uncomfortable to look at. Also I hated the card view, and much prefer the snippets arranged linearly. I find it much easier to scan notes. I have been looking for a compelling reason to upgrade and have yet to find one. If the evernote team allows configuration so that the color scheme is better, and note/folder layout is in the user's control I may give it a try on a secondary computer.
  11. I have found searching to be painfully slow as well. It really makes the search function virtually unusable for me. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  12. I agree completely with your observations. I made the mistake of upgrading to ver. 5, and found it to be far inferior, from a purely user efficiency standpoint. Ver 3 is much easier to look at, and to quickly scan through notes. The shades of grey on grey motif of ver 5 is also really lousy. I think ver 5 is change for the sake of change, and adds no value. After a ver 5 revision was rendered non-functional to os 10.6.8 users on macbook pro's, I deleted it, re-installed ver 3 from my time machine and have been using it since. I find no reason to upgrade at all.
  13. Ver 5.0.3 is a BRICK on a macbook pro. No functionality at all. I had to delete and install a prior version.
  14. I got my own previous version from my backup on Time Machine. It was a version prior to 5.0-but hey, at least it works flawlessly!
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