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  1. So you recommend I strip text and just paste that in the note pane?
  2. I am using Evernote 5 on Mac. My Evernote experience has become increasingly slow. I am adding more and more PDFs to my account in order to reduce the paper in my life. Right now I am just using a scanner app on my iphone. Most of the PDFs I generate are 2-7 megabytes. I am worried about my Evernote experience getting even slower if I stay my course. Do you guys have any recommendations for me? I want to put everything in Evernote, but I DON't want to have everything in and find out that it has become too slow to even use. I am aware that there are similar threads. I would like this one to cast an eye to the future: Do you see changes coming in the way Evernote is going to handle big databases? Or would I be better off putting my digital self in another service? Creating a separate Evernote account? Thanks for your help
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