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  1. @Metrodon I realize Evernote has a penchant for remaining silent, but I believe they would benefit from answering my questions. It gives them an opportunity to let their logic be heard. @AlisonPG Thank you for your reply. I'm not debating whether or not the photo note process is well-designed. I'm concerned about the lack of feedback from the app, among other things. Feedback along with visibility, proper mappings, system images, and making certain the program's intentions are being realized when the app is used, are all hallmarks of good design. (I apologize for the run-on sentence.) One of my favorite books ever written is The Design of Everyday Things. I've read it from cover-to-cover three times, as the principles tend to fade from this old lady's brain. I'm seeing design decisions in the app that don't follow good design principles. At least not my understanding of them. My true fear is that Evernote is losing its edge in this department. If they are, it's time for me to find a new home for my data and fast.
  2. Evernote, I am trying to understand what prompted the design decisions of your iOS 7 app. There is the possibility that my workflow no longer aligns with your vision, and thus a change on my part needs to be made. In the spirit of understanding, I have posted some questions below. I respectfully request that you promptly answer them all. Q1. Please list your intentions for those using the app. Take as much space as you need in your reply. A1. Q2. Visibility is an issue. Several users of Evernote (myself included) have had (and still have) a difficult time finding the buttons to make a note of any sort. There is not enough contrast in your UI. Your buttons for creating new notes are also too small. The small buttons cause users with larger indexes to have an increased amount of accidental taps, producing a less enjoyable user experience. Lastly, the ability to delete notes suffers from visibility issues as well. I am curious, what prompted these design decisions? Again, take as much space as you need. A2. Q3. Evernote's mappings are an issue. The software's controls do not always produce the effects expected. When I click on my Actions Pending shortcut, I get taken to All Notes. Why? A3. Q4. Feedback is an issue. Your photo notes is a perfect case in point. Once a user takes a photo, the camera remains. There is no feedback telling the user what to do. After poking around, I was able to discern that I could: 1. Take another picture - or - 2. a. Click on the photo grid in the lower left-hand corner (I think that's what it is, but I'm not sure.) b. Tap the check mark in the lower right-hand corner of the next screen c. Tap on the newly-created note from Evernote's "home" screen d. Add a title, change the notebook (if needed), and add tags (as needed) to finally make the recently-taken picture a fully-fledged note In my humble opinion, it would be better to give the user some feedback. Perhaps a banner, letting the user know of the steps to be taken. That being said, when will Evernote fix its feedback issues? A4. I look forward to your insightful responses. The reasoning behind your design decisions will help me to decide if Evernote is still a good fit for me. Cheers!