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  1. That fixed it — it’s working now! Thanks agsteele and Mike P for your helpful suggestions.
  2. The file associations are correct and my PDF reader always launches when clicking the relevant icon. Up until the last update it was working fine in Evernote too. I might try reinstalling it.
  3. Right click or double click, the result is the same: "Save as" -- not what I expect.
  4. Since the latest update, when I click on the Adobe icon in a note that was imported as a PDF, instead of opening the PDF file I am prompted to "Save as." I need Evernote to be able to open the PDF in its original format, as it used to do. This issue occurs in the desktop (Windows) version but not in the mobile (iOS) version.
  5. My experience of the new version is similar to what has been expressed here. The new iOS version is painfully slow. Plus I have found that attempts to open notes saved as Word documents result in the app freezing (I have had to convert all Word documents to rtf to get around this annoyance), and among other missing features it has ditched the alphabetical index at the side of the Notes pane, which was always very helpful for quickly finding notes that are sorted by title. Altogether not a triumph of software engineering! I hope there will be another rebuild “from the ground up” that will restore the lost functionality, as I rely on Evernote to manage a database of some 700 medical articles. As it is, it’s not user friendly.
  6. When did the update come out? It hasn’t yet appeared in my AppStore updates notifications.
  7. Well I hope it wasn’t really designed that way! PDFs downloaded prior to the last update are still able to be previewed in the thumbnails pane, but any downloaded since are not. I definitely want that function reinstated to be able to preview all PDFs.
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