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  1. I would like to put in a vote for the "Diff Comparison" feature as well. I use Evernote pretty heavily w/ my team at work and we've been storing documentation, project planning, todo lists, etc that we use every day. I have at least 15 copies of "Conflicting Changes" notebooks I've been meaning to clean up eventually, so just now I went to do the work and it was really difficult. I do a lot of coding so I used BBEdit's compare feature, copied and pasted the contents of each different file into their own text files, and then compared and merged missing lines one by one. Eventually I think I got them all but it took at least an hour. Because of this and several other issues we've had with using Evernote this way we have decided to move to using Confluence for our documentation and shared project planning, and Google Documents for collaborative live-editing. I'll probably only keep Evernote in my workflow for personal notes, meeting notes that I later transfer to Confluence, and things that I don't plan on sharing. The sharing features are just a bit weak, and with some improvements in this area I think Evernote would be more competitive when it comes to collaboration solutions. I'd like to put in a much heavier vote for Evernote to provide a live-editing solution like Google Docs. This would completely eliminate the need for Conflicting files, Diff comparisons, etc, and solve a much more important problem of being able to work on documents together with remote team members and see the changes live without sync delays. I really love Evernote and I use it on all my devices and it's great for managing my personal life, but as a business tool unfortunately it's just not up to par. Would love to hear if any of these things are on the roadmap and when we might be able to expect them!
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