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  1. I've found OneNote to be superior at information access, organizing, and collaboration while Evernote is, for my uses, superior at capturing web content. I think we could all agree that they truly are different products as neither contains all the capabilities of the other. So, instead of proselytizing, perhaps we could all share what we know to be the differences between the products and how each is used to meet our own needs.
  2. I recently made the switch from Evernote to OneNote as my primary note taking and collaboration utility. I've been battling this for months as I've tried to use Evernote to collaborate with my co-workers who found Evernote to be rather clumsy for reviewing the work I was trying to share. Evernote's clipping facilities are unmatched. However, don't laugh (actually - go ahead and laugh), I recently discovered Pinterest and find it much more fun to use for "clipping". Evernote is drop-dead simple and there's a place for that. I'm glad I found it and mastered it as it made me understand the superiority of OneNote for my needs. On another note, I found that some of the posts detailing shortfalls of Evernote or OneNote are simply untrue. Posters should really investigate whether or not a product can do something or seek confirmation as they are not doing the reader any favors when they misrepresent a product.
  3. Via a "Public" link which does not function the same as linking with "Individuals".
  4. When sharing a notebook it would be helpful if there was an easier way to "copy" the link. As it is now, I must "click and drag" from the left to the right to highlight the link and CTRL-C to copy. If I want to paste the link into Gmail it retains the formatting and creates a mess. Please consider a "Copy Link" button that retains the link itself and none of the formatting. Thank you!
  5. Here's a really good "first impressions" about OneNote and how it differs from Evernote: http://www.geekwire.com/2014/first-impressions-onenote-stack-evernote/
  6. I've been a user of Evernote Premium for about a year now and I've found it very useful. Before signing up I checked out OneNote and was not really impressed especially when the cost was factored in. When I learned that OneNote 2013 is available at no cost (for personal use) I decided to check it out again. Here's what struck me most about OneNote today: PROS Can sort a notebook and notes however you choose independently of others.Collaboration is real-time with good auditing tools.Formatting is much stronger than EN.Performance is solid.CONSIt is not possible to email a note directly to ON (IFTTT helps but does not handle all needs).OCR of photos is not automatic (you must manually right-click the photo in ON and tell it to "make searchable").A ON account is limited to the amount of space available in the user's OneDrive account (it is not possible to offload data locally except for Quick Notes).Though ON's tags are attractive, they are cumbersome to assign and it is not possible to query multiple tags at the same time or create saved/smart searches.Clipping web media is much less intuitive and lacks many of the features in EN. You will need to amend or clean up nearly every note you create this way.The user communities for ON fall far short of EN's own forum.It is not possible to set reminders unless you also use Outlook."Date created", "date updated", "locations", "last edited by", etc. are, in my opinion, much more apparent and automatic in EN.I'm tech savvy but would certainly not claim to be an expert of this kind of software so please correct me if I've misrepresented anything.
  7. I actually like the new version but just had to send a "thank you" to Edgaras Leichteris for pointing out how to add comments to a clip. I knew there had to be a way but never would have guessed I would have to click on the Notebook or Tag option to get to it. Rather unintuitive!
  8. I'm sorry. I should have noticed that. I'm so used to using the desktop client that I really don't give the web version much thought. I've found that the desktop version is much nicer to use for my needs. You can download the latest version from: http://evernote.com/download/
  9. Fingret, I see you're using V4 of Evernote so I'm not sure the following will work for you but... In V5, hold the "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header and everything in that section will collapse. If you open up "Notebooks" again (by clicking the triangle) you'll see that all of the stacks will remain collapsed until you click on the individual stack's triangle. If you don't hold the "Shift" key while clicking the triangle next to the "Notebooks" header, everything will collapse but if you open up "Notebooks" again (by clicking the triangle) every stack that was expanded before, and only those stacks, will still be expanded.
  10. I used IObit's Uninstaller. During the uninstall it generated the same 2732 error! It then went to the registry and I deleted all the entries is displayed. I then installed the desktop version I just downloaded on my Windows 8 64-bit machine. It installed just fine and actually retained my account. When it finished its sync all was OK.
  11. I was thinking the same thing Metrodon but I've found no specific extension and when I check chrome://plugins I found both VLC and Quicktime (another AMR player) exist. I had also uninstalled, then reinstalled the latest version of VLC without success.
  12. Can't? Earlier you said "From the sound of it Chrome doesn't understand AMR files". I find it difficult to believe that it is impossible for Chrome to play an AMR file when another browser can. Still holding out hope that that there is a solution.
  13. I just tested the ability of the Evernote web client to open the audio file (AMR format, created by Evernote's Android app) under Chrome on another Windows 8 computer and the problem occurred again. I also tried it in an "Incognito" session of Chrome which disables all extensions and still cannot play the AMR file. Finally, I tried to play the same file in Evernote's web client under IE10 and it played fine.
  14. It's the web client I'm having a problem with. The desktop client works fine.
  15. Well, I used Evernote's Android app to record the audio and it used an AMR format which their desktop client had no issue with. Also, I already had VLC installed and actually re-installed it just in case there was an issue registering it with Chrome. I also went into chrome://plugins and found that the VLC plugin exists and is active. I've also looked for an AMR player for Chrome without luck. Not sure where to go from here...
  16. I made an audio recording on my Android phone and attempted to listen to it using the Evernote web client via Chrome under Windows 8. Each time I attempt to play the recording I get the message "Could not load VLC Web Plugin." I can play the audio in Evernote's desktop client without issue. I attempted to find a VLC Plugin for Chrome that I could install and was not able to.
  17. That was a great suggestion! I created a test notebook on the desktop version (in Windows) and shared it with an individual. If I go to the web based version of Evernote I am able to see who I shared it with and modify it. Going back to the desktop version I have no such options. Wait a minute! I just went back into the desktop version and I now can edit those invites/permissions! Not sure what is going on here.
  18. I just performed a small test and learned that the behavior is repeatable so it may be "by design". If you share a notebook with an individual, there is no way to remove that individual from that notebook.
  19. I just wanted to say that I experienced the same thing. I have a blue icon for the notebook indicating that it has been shared and my activity stream confirms that the person I invited did indeed join (I also confirmed this with him verbally). However, if I right-click the blue notebook it only gives me the option to share (not unshare) and gives me no indication that anyone has been invited before! My only recourse will be to create a new notebook, copy the data over, and delete the original notebook.
  20. That's great for expanding everything but not collapsing just the stacks. Hit the minus key on the keypad to collapse them. That's not what I'm after. Hitting the minus key on the keyboard collapses everything only where selected. You might as well just click every stack that you want collapsed. What I want to be able to do is collapse all the stacks so that all that remains are the stack headers and all notes not part of a stack.
  21. IMO, this is overkill. I normally just take a screen grab & add a link to the video. Thanks, but I'll stick with my "one click" option (after several initial clicks to set it up!).
  22. I found a "work around" for this issue. Create a recipe in IFTTT with an "if" of YouTube, tagged "Watch It Later, and a "then" of Evernote (you can also just search for recipe # 78798). The only downside to this is that you can't get the full description of the video to automatically appear in your notes but between the title and thumbnail it makes for a much nicer looking "note".
  23. Pocket has the ability to take a frame of a YouTube video when "clipping" to use as a thumbnail for the entry with very nice formatting. I would like to be able to do this with EN as well.
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