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  1. Hi everyone, I suspect, many EN users reading their attached pdf files feel disappointed time after time, as it is not possible to jump from a one section of the document to an other. Specially, when you have a document with hundreds of pages. Or, if you just want to make a quick review through all document, it takes multiple clicks to access page number 214 etc. Would be nice to have a side panel navigation inside pdf note page itself, for quick navigation through all document. As well, very handy would be to have a key navigation feature, using arrows, for example, on the keyboard. Easier and faster, then just trying to click on the small triangles at the top of the note window. What do you think? I know, I can open an external viewer to read my pdf file, but I like auto-adjustable feature of the EN window, it always keeps the width of a pdf file equal to the width of the EN window. And for efficiency, I just would not need to open an external viewer. Best regards,
  2. Hi, Just wanted to add and mine point to the obvious benefits of basic sorting for many users if they use lists of any kind in an EN's note. I created GTD, or todo list for today, a week, a month etc. Then, with time some priorities would change. That's life, obvious, we need to adapt to progress (regress ). Plans never go as we usually hope. No perfection exists in this world. OK. I go to my list of whatever I created, highlight a line or position of the interest and just move it up or down the list. New list is created in the split of the second. Perfect! Done... But not with EverNote, which will make you to cut/copy/paste, delete gaps/tabs spaces etc... Wasting time, in one word. Then I use external soft for higher productivity and managing todo lists, priorities, tasks etc. It's just a pity that EN has lots of sorting features for sorting notes by at least 18 criteria + tags sorting. Some of them by majority of the people are never going to be used. And still, ability to sort quickly and efficiently any of your lists manually, giving a visual prioritization would be a very good feature. Thanks for reading till the end . And then to consider EN program as a master of note keeping, searching and organizing. PS. sorry for the wrong order of some text - the previous line should be one position higher and the one before last - the last. My mistake, don't want really to cut/paste or retype again. Tired.
  3. I agree. I cannot imagine how a single font family / text size would be better for the user experience. I am hoping the missing font control is something they plan to add back into the app later. However, in this case it should be noted that the Windows app, which usually has more features, actually lacks control over anything besides the note content, so in a sense, the Mac app is matching the features available on Windows. Ideally, I'd like to see both desktop applications give us control over all aspects of the user interface. Thanks for understanding and support, GrumpyMonkey. I see that you are really teasing and pushing the EN team to improve their product and you're doing it intelligently and sensibly. Real Evangelist! But not grumpy
  4. Hi, Just want to join the crowd & asking for some settings just to adjust font size in the app. For people with impaired vision it's particularly crusial - very difficult to see at glance all your tag's names, a name of the notebook etc. That does not help at all to work with such potentially great product efficiently. Please, make it possible. If you are willing to do that.
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