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  1. I reported similar spinning issue on Android and the EN dev team released a fix within a week, so there is hope
  2. Having similar sync issue with Web clipping on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S8). Spins between 10-30 seconds while clipping Web pages, and in a few occasions it timed out with "Clipping failure" message. Looks like the app is trying to sync the content right away instead of simply saving it locally then doing a background sync. I'm surprised this issue is happening on the paid version which supports storing notes locally. Seems to have happened after I "upgraded" to the Beta release, Evernote 10.0 (1105748). Don't see a way to downgrade. UPDATE: Mountainside also criticized this seri
  3. Dear EverNote team, Please add the "read-only" feature. In fact, I recall that the earlier versions of EN (before it became cloud-enabled) had a button where you can toggle a note to read-only. I'm puzzled why it quietly went away.
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