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  1. Looks like the bug has already been reported. I'd move it to that section, but I don't know how. Moderators could delete this post since it's redundant. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. The problem with the more powerful favorites bar is that it's in the left pane. In 3.3, the bar is available even when the left pane is hidden. In 5.0, shortcuts are unavailable when the left pane is hidden. At least that's my recollection. I used 5.0 only briefly and reverted to 3.3. A toggle for the old favorites bar that fits in with the new design scheme would be wonderful.
  3. Watched the video of the developer/designer meeting and see what you guys were after but, like many here, I can't see any obvious reason why the functionality of 3.3 had to be sacrificed to the cleaner design. And it was sacrificed. : ) I generally like the new design aesthetic - as one example, 3.3 lacked enough margin between the text and borders of the different sections of the main window so the things was croweded and made/makes reading text a bit annoying. That problem is eliminated with the new design. And I like the beyond-Apple mindset of the designers. But I also like having things functional and while the next logical step in the development of EN was a UI makeover, the choices made in terms of program use are baffling. If there's virtue in less function for some customers, then create a standard set of dumbed-down options that hides the functions that power users love, preserving options to reveal those functions via settings: Let us customize the toolbar, turn on our favorites bar, create saved searches the old way and get our back button back. The makeover was necessary and the new look is a big improvement. But the program is crippled. Keep the new look but give us back the wonderful functionality.
  4. +1 for back button or, at least, open a notelink in a new window so that an index note with multiple note links stays in focus once the new window is closed. Why tout the note links feature (creating a note with note links to serve as an index of notes) when there's no easy way to get back to the note with all the note links? Creates lots of frustration for no obvious reason.
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