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  1. Now Customer main note is at bottom of page instead of top! Edited noted take ages to register new tag/rename title/other edits, so note stays in old search for way too long, like 5 minutes. Certain tags now at end of line instead of beginning, which means I need to rename 1000's of notes to get them back at the beginning eg. all tags starting with symbols and numbers. This is going to be great fun in combination with 'You can only select 50 notes'. To change a tag from 2020.11 to 2hold, you need to press a lot more buttons due to drop down
  2. Can not have a search and then choose a different view, so notes only visible in 'card' style, which is NOT good for how I want to use the results of the search
  3. This is the problems I have been having so far: 03/11/2020 "You can only select 50 notes" => this means multiple times doing the same action as some of my searches have many more results than that When changing a title of a note, the change is not visible for minutes by which time I already moved on More 30/10/2020 Photos not able to drag out of Evernote- it becomes a grey box with a question mark in it Photos cannot be dragged into Evernote anymore, just nothing happens Notes take too long to upload, much waitin
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