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  1. "This is a nice workaround. The saved search problem is a known one on the Mac, and hopefully will be fixed soon. In the meantime, I recommend dragging all of your saved searches into the Shortcuts. They are quite handy there, with the added bonus of being manually sortable." I tried that. I have to delete the saved searches starting with the letter A to E in order to get al the ones E to L on my screen. And when I delete the saved search, well... so disappears the shortcut. If only I could scroll through them I would be fine, but alas, no such thing.
  2. Hi there. I have a massive list of saved searches, and spend -a lot of- time making them. I use these saved searches every day. When I type whatever I need in the new 5.0 search bar, the saved searches are visible, namely the ones that start with A, and up to the ones that start with E, but not all of them, most of them disappear out of my screen (I must have at least about 50), and there seems no way I can scroll through them down. I have a Mac and I upgraded to 5.0, and to have the saved searches back on the left hand side under tags, that would be awesome. Kind regards, Wiesewose
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