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  1. MaBook Pro, 16GB, SSD, Mojave 10.14.5, freshly booted or not. Evernote 7.12 (Direct 457935) Right after starting, the main Evernote window is unresponsive. File > New Windows creates an identical main Evernote window which works fine. I have noticed this over the last week or two. I do not know exactly when it started, nor exactly when 7.12 was installed.
  2. Two issues with EN 6.13.3 on Mac Sierra 10.12.5: 1. EN will not automatically resize its window when I double-click on the title bar. It used to do this, as most apps do. 2. In the Notebooks pane, the list of notebooks is not left-justified as it was before. Depending on how wide the window is, there can be a lot of white space to the left of the list. See the attached screen shot.
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