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  1. cm2017, thank you! You solved the exact same problem I was having from this buggy software. They ought to pay you for your feedback, time, and assistance in helping to manage their "support" desk free of charge for users.
  2. What's the status on this? As of September 29, 2014, it's still crashing with the same problems reported here (via free feedback from your customers) on February 13, 2014. That's over six months to fix a software bug causing crashes on iphone 4S when trying to take a photo using the Evernote application. Other than "purchase a new phone", is there any relevant, meaningful updates as to when this problem will be solved?
  3. ...updating your phone to iPhone 5 or higher would be the best solution.... Oh my... these tech companies haven't a clue in product support. REALLY Evernote? That's what you suggest? Very lame answer.
  4. Thanks Derick! Your solution fixed my problem. Amazing that Evernote gets all this free technical support provided by their users. They should pay you for your help from the zillions they are making with this buggy app. Anyhow, it worked.
  5. It always fails for me on both: photos taken with in-app camera as well as photos added using the camera roll (that were taken previously).
  6. This is the response I got today: I had plenty of space in my account. That didn't solve problem.
  7. I've been back and forth with them today on this. I tried emptying the trash and that worked...for about an hour. problem is back again. The windows client is also acting klunky as well and failing to sync. it's only on notes that contain photos. Regular text notes are working fine.
  8. I'm having same issue -- klunky update and fails on iphone4. Contacted 'support' but they didn't resolve my problem. I uninstalled app and reinstalled app. it worked again for about 15 minutes before failing again on photo upload. I'm a premium member. Thinking about canceling my account for my company over this. Very frustrating that there's no support for premium members.
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