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  1. For me, all issues with the cursor and subject line have been fixed as of beta release (307353) Prerelease (CE Build ce-47.0.5287) I'm so glad this is fixed! The cursor jumping around was a huge problem for my workflow, because I strongly prefer to give a note a subject before I write anything in the note. I keep a lot of notes, plans, and articles in Evernote, and this is a huge relief. Thanks so much!
  2. It is back for me as well in the latest beta version for Windows as of Mar 23, 2018, 8am EST.
  3. I just tried changing two settings (at once), and one or both of them fixed the problem. Hopefully this will help with troubleshooting. Under Options > Note, "Create new note in a new window" was unchecked (although it was checked before the update), and "Set new note focus to title" was checked (as it was before the update). Just now, I checked "Create new note in a new window" and unchecked "Set new note focus to title". So now when I'm typing in a note with its own window, the cursor does not keep jumping back to the subject.
  4. Hi, This problem is with Evernote on Windows. I updated to (304720) Public a few days ago. Since the update, when I'm typing in a note in its own window, about every 30-60 seconds, the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the subject. Whatever I type then shows up at the beginning of the subject, not overwriting the existing subject. So then, I have to backspace to delete the word or two that ended up in the subject, and then press Return to get back to the body of the note. Fortunately, when I press Enter, the cursor jumps back to where it was in the body before it
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