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  1. @PinkElephant I appreciate your effort to come up with a workaround. But do you really call installing an old version of Evernote a feasible solution? At least for me installing outdated versions of Apps is not a way to go.
  2. I faced the same issue just recently when I recorded a ton of thoughts on my Android phone and wanted to play and transcribe them on my iPad. The Android recordings just wouldn’t play on iOS 😡 However, I figured out a workaround that fixed the problem for now: - login to evernote web - open your note with the voice recording - download the recording in the browser - I had to convert the Android sound format to M4A to make it compatible with iOS - add the (converted) file to your note after this, I was able to finally play the recording on my iPad
  3. I definitely miss the ability to add files to a note by drag & drop ...
  4. Thanks for pushing this request! I would love to not just see Presentation Mode coming back to the Mac version but also to iPad! 😍 If you feel the same, please consider supporting my request here as well:
  5. As posted in the Feature requests for MacOS already (https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/130731-presentation-mode-is-gone-in-the-new-update-need-it-back/?do=findComment&comment=588063), I would love to see Presentation Mode also on iPad. It has become my main device and also was the reason why after years of being a freemium user I have decided to finally subscribe to a paid plan. Now that I have created a lot of content in the last months, I wanted to use Presentation Mode which I remembered from my early days as an evernote enthusiast years ago. But it’s not available on iPad which is sad. I kindly ask evernote to bring presentation mode to the iPad! 🙏😍
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