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  1. I was able to get a hold of the original PDFs and one was annotated successfully. One was not. I did this on my iPhone though as I'm traveling and won't have access to my Macs until Sunday.
  2. I just tested it on a PDF I made, and it works fine. The only error message I get is "Unable to save document." Thanks.
  3. Update: I downloaded Evernote 5.4.2 straight from Evernote. The problem with annotations being invisible until saving went away, but now I cannot save my PDF at all. What's interesting to me is that in 5.4.1 I was able to save a PDF once with the random annotations I made because I couldn't see them, but save the PDF once I had deleted those stray marks. As a side note from having read through this thread, both PDFs were sent to me by others. I have no idea what was used to create them.
  4. I wanted to say that I am having trouble with PDF markup in every client I try it on. A PDF I have saved in Evernote needed a few marks. On my Mac, the marks cannot be seen until I save. I unfortunately did not know that, and now there are quite a few random arrows on the document that I can't remove. After that didn't work, I thought "I'll just open it on my iPhone and delete the random arrows and worry about more complex markings later." On the iPhone, I could make annotations, but they would not save. Same thing on my iPad. Then I thought, I'll just put the PDF in the Skitch app on my
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