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  1. I definitely plan to do a post on that in the coming weeks. Thanks, and glad you liked the blog!
  2. I just got home and pulled up the note on my mac, and it is editable. On my iPad it is not though. So the problem seems to be with Evernote for iOS.
  3. The note has a locked icon in Evernote: https://www.evernote.com/l/AKvyWhVFaUlBW6KflvLyjPZY_BcgkLn-MjoA And the annotate button is greyes out: https://www.evernote.com/l/AKtjFZLGlE1Az4muU9LNiQ5EUQtOtb4lr_oA
  4. I annotated an image in skitch on my iPad this morning and saved it to Evernote. Now I'm out and about and remembered one more thing I want to put on that image. I open the note in Evernote on my iPhone, and the image is locked. I can't annotate it. Did I do something wrong when I saved it to Evernote, or is this a bug? I thought the purpose of the Skitch 3 redesign (which I'm a big fan of) was to simplify that workflow and then we would do editing in Evernote. Is that wrong? Thanks.
  5. Greetings Evernote Forum, I recently decided to go back to school and get my teaching certification with the end goal being an elementary school teacher. I've been a heavy Evernote user for over 2 years, and have a passion for helping teachers and students learn how to better use technology in the classroom and their studies. So today I'm launching my new blog The Class Nerd. For the first year or so, I'll mostly be posting about using Evernote and other hard/software in my graduate studies. The first post is 5 Ways Evernote Can Help You Apply for College. Once I graduate and begin teaching in my own classroom, I'll transition to discussing tech from a teacher's point of view. I would love feedback from you, the diehard Evernote users, and would appreciate you sharing the site with anyone you think is helpful. Thanks so much, and I hope it's helpful. -Craig
  6. I was able to get a hold of the original PDFs and one was annotated successfully. One was not. I did this on my iPhone though as I'm traveling and won't have access to my Macs until Sunday.
  7. I just tested it on a PDF I made, and it works fine. The only error message I get is "Unable to save document." Thanks.
  8. Update: I downloaded Evernote 5.4.2 straight from Evernote. The problem with annotations being invisible until saving went away, but now I cannot save my PDF at all. What's interesting to me is that in 5.4.1 I was able to save a PDF once with the random annotations I made because I couldn't see them, but save the PDF once I had deleted those stray marks. As a side note from having read through this thread, both PDFs were sent to me by others. I have no idea what was used to create them.
  9. I wanted to say that I am having trouble with PDF markup in every client I try it on. A PDF I have saved in Evernote needed a few marks. On my Mac, the marks cannot be seen until I save. I unfortunately did not know that, and now there are quite a few random arrows on the document that I can't remove. After that didn't work, I thought "I'll just open it on my iPhone and delete the random arrows and worry about more complex markings later." On the iPhone, I could make annotations, but they would not save. Same thing on my iPad. Then I thought, I'll just put the PDF in the Skitch app on my Mac and then save it to Evernote from there. Unfortunately, I'm getting an error saying I can't save in Skitch either. I'm currently using the latest Skitch on Mavericks. Evernote is 5.4.1 (from Mac App Store). Most recent versions of iOS and Evernote. Thanks for making great products. I don't know what I'd do without them. And thank you for working to correct these issues. Let me know if I can give you any information that will help. Thanks.
  10. I'd like to add to this topic. While my app does not crash, pdf markups are no longer saved. I can annotate just fine, but then I hit save and it does not. It's the same on both my iPhone 5 and iPad Air. Both running the newest iOS and newest Evernote. Thanks.
  11. I first want to jump in and say thanks to the Skitch team for making a great app. Most of the time on these forums, you only hear the complaints. I am one of the people who really really likes the new direction for Skitch. While 3.0 isn't 100% how I would make it, I'm grateful for the innovation of a free app that I use a lot. This to me is the best thing that has been said in this forum. I miss PDF markup on my iPad, but never really used skitch on my iPhone at all because it was too complex and had too many unnecessary features. I've already used 3.0 on my iPhone more than I used 2.x since its release. Taking different approaches for different platforms is great. I'd love to see PDF come back on iPad at some point, but it's not a dealbreaker. I also would love this new direction to continue into the Mac app. Being able to choose what I save to my Evernote account and not having an unorganized list of everything I've marked up would be great. Thanks to you Joe, and the whole Skitch team for making a great product.
  12. I agree that syncing and reviewing of previous notes was something I rarely ever did on my iOS devices, and only occasionally did on my Macs. The decluttering of skitch so that I don't have to deal with it syncing every time I load it is huge. And on the rare occasion that I do need to go back and edit an annotation, I'm fine doing it inside of Evernote anyway. It almost makes it easier to find because I can organize the note in Evernote, whereas with skitch 2.x, it only showed by date created. I would appreciate the ability to control where in Evernote skitch saves to though. Maybe a quick drop down menu that allows me to select a notebook and add tags before I save it to Evernote. That seems like a great compromise for the people complaining about the lack of syncing and those of us who love it. So to sum up all of my comments, my ideal skitch would include PDF markup, but not worry about syncing and editing previously made annotations. The auto save feature sounds like a good idea for people who miss syncing though I would not use it. I would prefer to be able to control where individual skitch documents go instead of Evernote though instead of my default notebook, and be able to tag notes if I need to. However, I do not use skitch with such volume that if I have to manually move notes from my default notebook, it's a problem. I would also prefer selecting what notebook each skitch document goes to instead of having a default skitch notebook like in 2.x. I use skitch for lots of different things. From annotating receipts to marking up a website so my mom can figure out what on the amazon page I actually want for Christmas. I would file these things separately in Evernote, so having the ability to select where they go straight from skitch would be nice. Again, this is my ideal skitch. 3.x has already gotten us a lot closer to this, and I'm super thankful for all of the work that has gone into making this (free!) app fantastic. Thanks for working hard on this, and being open to listen to user feedback.
  13. I absolutely love the new skitch. I think the layout is great, and the lack of automatic syncing is a huge plus. I think that it's that lack of syncing that makes the idea of PDF markup in Skitch so appealing. Most times that I'm marking up something, it's not to save but send to someone else. I do like that it's an option inside of Evernote, and use it occasionally, but I would love to just be able to do it inside of Skitch. Just my thoughts since you mentioned user feedback. All in all though, I love the new skitch and can't wait to see where it goes in the future!
  14. I would love for skitch on iOS go have Evernote's page camera. Since you can't annotate pictures using skitch directly in Evernote for iOS, but I sometimes, on the fl,y want to edit a picture taken with the page camera I would love this. Right now, the picture is then saved to the camera roll as well as Evernote, but it becomes redundant as an Evernote note and a Skitch note. That's why page camera would be nice. Thanks!
  15. I'd love the ability to tag notes made in Skitch natively in the skitch app for iOS. Right now, if I annotate something on my iPad, I have to remember to go to the note on my computer later to tag it. While this isn't the biggest deal, I'm likely to forget to do it. Thanks so much.
  16. I apologize if this is super basic, or has already been answered here. I've done a search and perhaps I'm just not using the right terms. I've taken a screenshot using 2.0.3, and want to annotate not just on it, but around it. The picture is has a lot in it that I don't want to be covered up by words and arrows, but still want to be able to point to them from outside the picture. Whenever I try to draw an arrow or place text outside the picture, Skitch does not allow this. Is there a way to do this, or do I need to put my picture in a word document and screen shot some white space around it?
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