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  1. When I click the "solution" link to go to Feb. 21, 2016 (!!), it tells me to click another link (which I will call Link 2) and then click a counter to show that I'm suffering from this issue. When I click Link 2, I get a "you do not have permission to view this content" error and there is no counter to click. The "Solution" is NOT a solution.
  2. Same problem. Cursor jumps to top of page at seemingly random intervals--sometimes as often as every few seconds; other times I get several minutes of uninterrupted use. Details: Just typing text (sometimes with checkboxes, sometimes without) -- not using tables or attachments or any advanced functionality. Literally just typing. MacBook Pro Catalina 10.15.5 Using Evernote in browser, Chrome 87.0.4280.88 Using "New Editor" (I'll switch to Classic and see if that makes a difference and report back) I run AdBlock Plus and Ghostery but they are both disabled on Evernote I'll try the "block Google tracking" trick, but from the comments above it sounds like that's not a stable/consistent fix This might have been a problem for a while, but it's just the past few days that it has hit the "OK, Evernote is now incredibly frustrating" for me. I was so happy to find this forum topic, but then baffled that a bug like this--that interferes with THE core functionality of Evernote--hasn't been fixed in a year and a half. UPDATE: The "block Google tracking" toggle did not work. I have been an Evernote Premium customer for several years, but this bug interferes with functionality so badly that I have started looking for another app to meet my needs. (And it's not only the "not fixed for 18 months" issue that worries me--it's the "no staff replies for over a year".)
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