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  1. Thank you! I looked there but I must have missed it the first time.
  2. EN cannot search/find text within PDF attachments on my last 3 notes. The notes were entered yesterday. Two of them were taken via Scannable and the last one was a scanned document. All of my old documents/PDF's seem to be searchable still. I receive the same results from either the desktop or iOS app. Any thoughts?? Premium member Desktop - OSX 10.1.2 / EN 6.10 iPhone 7 - iOS 10.2 / EN
  3. I guess its working correctly. The part that threw me off was when creating a new note w/new passphrase, EN would show the old passphrase hint. Its kind of strange. I just ran a few test notes and each note is working correctly with different passphrase and hints. Its just strange that when creating a new note & passphrase it shows you the old one when they are completely unrelated. Oh well....its working !
  4. I get the standard box that pops up and asks to enter the encryption phrase. But after entering the phrase, another window pops us and says "The encryption passphrase is different than the one you previously used to encrypt note content. You can either a) try to enter the passphrase again or use a new passphrase (not recommended).
  5. Im having an issue with encrypting text in notes...this actually happens across both versions of desktop EN for Mac & PC. I'm using the "basic" plan of EN right now. When trying to encrypt text in a note, I can only use one password?? Its the password for an older note I have. I have much older notes that have their own unique passphrase but for any new notes it won't allow me to create a new passphrase. Is this a function of the new pricing tiers? Is text encryption now a step up feature?
  6. So far, this seems to have fixed my issues!! Thanks!
  7. Found this in another thread and it seems to be working for me so far...I hope so, this has been very frustrating. Posted 23 December 2014 - 02:24 PM Hey folks -- just posted this info in the 7.6.2 update thread as well: First, please make sure that you're running the latest version of the app from the store -- 7.6.3. You'll find this under Settings and scrolling to the bottom. For those of you still experiencing app hang issues in the latest version, there are two potential work arounds that may help: 1) Disable recently viewed notes in the Today widget. To try this, go to Settings > General, and change the "Recent Notes in Today" toggle to the off position. 2) If you are stuck in a hang loop, try a reboot of the device. These are only temporary workarounds -- we are actively investigating these issues and looking to release a fix in our next update. Please let us know if these help resolve your issues in the meantime. If you're running into this and do not have the Today Widget on, PM me here as I'd like to request your activity logs. Thank you for your patience. -jamie
  8. I'm having the same issue. EN is working on my Mac connected to wifi...However, my IOS version is basically useless. I cannot access any notes, whether they are plain text or images. Ive tried deleting the app and re-installing and I'm still having the same issue. After a long time an error eventually pops up saying "Error, The request timed out". Would love to get this resolved. The app also completely freezes at times and I have to manually close it and re-open it.
  9. Did this solution work for anyone? I'm having the same issue with encrypted notes contents showing up as blank. I can view the content on my PC version but not my Mac version. Any other suggestion? I've reinstalled the latest version of EN on my mac and still same issue. I even deleted the note and created a new one but still have the same issue.
  10. I realize this is an old post...however, I am having the same exact problem. The phone number fields do not seem to map properly..."work" becomes "home" when transferred to my contacts on iPhone and Outlook. I've tested with several different cards and all seem to have the same behavior.
  11. I really wish the win version of EN had a dark theme. I use both the Win & Mac version of EN and the Mac version is so much better. It is simply much easier to read and view. If the Mac color scheme were simply transferred to the Win version I would be happy.
  12. I've recently started to snap pictures of my notes for import into EN. This feature works great and allows me to search my handwritten notes. My question is this...sometimes I only want half of whats on a page. Is there a way to crop the image I take when using the EN camera in document mode? I guess I could just take the picture using the std camera app on iPhone and then edit and crop. This just adds another step or two as opposed to taking the picture and creating the note from within the EN app.
  13. Not quite true; in fact, this has been available on the Windows client for some time, but it's a hidden option. The shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+F5 will toggle between "horizontal" list view (the default) and "vertical" list view.The contrast thing doesn't bother me; in fact, I like the subtlety. Horses for courses. Awesome! That helps a ton, but why the hell is it hidden. I'm sure there are lots of others who may like that feature but don't the have time nor the inclination to read through forum posts. As for the contrast/colors...it may be nice to just have a few different theme options. Maybe the difference is between the actual displays on my macbook vs win laptop. The mac version is sooo much more enjoyable/easier to look at. Plus uploaded images of my notes are cleaner, brighter and just easier to read in the mac version.
  14. The more specific you can be, the better Evernote will be able to understand what you want. Just saying "it's bad" isn't very helpful. I'm pretty comfortable with the WIndows client, and like it, with some exceptions; what is is about the Mac client's UI that you like / prefer? I'm not necessarily talking about the actual functionality of the two. They both do the job. I guess my biggest gripe with the Win version is the lack of contrast or colors. The light gray/white color scheme is just not appealing and much more difficult to read than the Mac version. Another option that I really miss on the Win version is the "side list view". In windows when you change the view to "list" mode the only option is to have the list on top and the note on the bottom.
  15. I don't seem to have the same issues as the original poster. However, I would really like to see a re-design of the Windows Desktop interface. It is really bad. On the other hand the Mac Desktop interface is outstanding.
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