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  1. The iOS webclipper is saving each clip to the default notebook instead of the notebook I specify in the iOS sharing extension dialogue. I've repeated this several times with different notebooks, and it's happening every time I try to save anything on my iPhone. Each time, I have to then manually move the clipped note into the correct notebook. I'm using the most recent Evernote update on iOS14.
  2. Yes - I noticed those problems too. However, the PhantomJSCloud PDFs are actually pretty good, and retain most or all the the graphics and formatting from the original page (unlike Safari's PDF exports) I'm not keen on using screenshots, as all the links are lost. Re: web archive. Have you scripted it so that it can be completely automated?
  3. I experimented scripting Safari's Export as PDF, but found that Safari applied a different stylesheet, often lost much of the content and broke URLs into multi-page PDFs. I also tried scripting it with the app Paparazzi but ran into related problems, and found that I couldn't get it all to work reliably. Additionally, Applescripting the creation of the new note (rather than using Zapier) would pop Evernote into the foreground each time, rather than completing it in the background. I would like to get it all done via a single AppleScript because the solution I posted above involves ch
  4. I frequently use the Evernote webclipper on my Mac but wanted something which: A. Would work instantly i.e. eliminate the wait for the webclipper to capture, upload and sync the page B. Could be triggered faster with less interaction / fewer mouse clicks than the webclipper So I’ve strung together an alternative solution which instantly clips the full contents of the current browser tab as a long single-page PDF and automatically saves it to the relevant Evernote notebook in the background. There’s no need to wait for clipping or syncing: the browser tab can be closed immediatel
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