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  1. on random intervals I go thought the notebook and tag lists and give my delete key a workout.
  2. I believe there are apps designed for flash cards. you might hunt around
  3. add my vote for this one. pick it up in the next release
  4. make it a choice in preferences. like HTML list options
  5. what I do is to position my cursor to the right of the tag and then press the delete key give it a try
  6. have you done the "obvious" with disk utility? ===Repair Disk ===Repair disk permissions
  7. Let it go. The image will "apear"
  9. how about sending all mail to a special notebook. Mine is "aaaaaa". Easy enough to redirect to another notebook.
  10. GrumpyMonkey is correct. MacOS has some good options for encryption You might want to search the App Store to see if there are any options for encrypting specific files or folders
  11. terrific job takes a bit of getting used too but the learning curve is not very steep. you seem to have plowed through the sandboxing issues[first thing i checked] With a major upgrade like this there will no doubt be a few bugs. just swat them and keep up the good work!
  12. after beating my head against the wall I finally followed Jackolicious suggestion and retreated to 3.3. I only hope that EN 5 will solve the sandboxing problems. If not, I will have to find a replacement for EN
  13. a bit on the clumsy side. would make a nice feature if done something like this bulletin board
  14. some specific instructions on how to set up using your ScanSnap scanner with Evernote might help. I want to stick with the app store version to make the EN5 transition easier. I also like the principle of sandboxing to protect my data from unauthorized access.
  15. perhaps you might upgrade to the latest version of OSX and Safari
  16. I installed the extension yesterday and it appears to work: EN 3.3.1; OS 10.8.2 I have 4 other extensions but they do not appear to conflict. Suggestion: repair permissions, delete EN extension, download and reinstall good luck
  17. unfortunately Print>>PDF>>Save PDF to Evernote does not work in 3.3.1 another sandboxing issue? I contacted Evernote support and they suggested a return to 3.3. BTW I canot get Fujitsu scanner to work either.
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