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  1. Really like the new tables. I use tables a lot and this improvement will encourage me to use them more. However, I have hit a snag already: I have discovered that when printing out a note which includes tables, the text does not reflow in the printed note - long lines just disappear off the edge. I have not encountered this before, so it seems to be a new "feature". Resizing the table to smaller than the window corrects this, but this is a bit hit and miss. This also leads to mention another point: I'd love to see more control over the formatting of a note for printing - especially
  2. JMichaelTX is right, Mur666der, the functionality you are looking for is available on the Mac and Windows desktops, but not in iOS. At least, external apps can't edit an evernote attachment in iOS and save it back to the same note. There are however a couple of workarounds. 1. Use Evernote's own (limited) annotation tools - which will save back to the note. 2. Save the edited attachment to a new note. (probably your best option) Depending on the reasons you need to use this PDF, another alternative might be to copy the form content into a Note, which you can then use as a temp
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