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  1. Really like the new tables. I use tables a lot and this improvement will encourage me to use them more. However, I have hit a snag already: I have discovered that when printing out a note which includes tables, the text does not reflow in the printed note - long lines just disappear off the edge. I have not encountered this before, so it seems to be a new "feature". Resizing the table to smaller than the window corrects this, but this is a bit hit and miss. This also leads to mention another point: I'd love to see more control over the formatting of a note for printing - especially the possibility of including page breaks, so that widows and orphans between headings and content could be avoided.
  2. JMichaelTX is right, Mur666der, the functionality you are looking for is available on the Mac and Windows desktops, but not in iOS. At least, external apps can't edit an evernote attachment in iOS and save it back to the same note. There are however a couple of workarounds. 1. Use Evernote's own (limited) annotation tools - which will save back to the note. 2. Save the edited attachment to a new note. (probably your best option) Depending on the reasons you need to use this PDF, another alternative might be to copy the form content into a Note, which you can then use as a template.
  3. I've discovered - after a degree of frustration - that copying and pasting an image from skitch, on the mac at least, always creates a TIFF image. This default - as far as I can see - can't be changed. This has the unfortunate effect of messing up a workflow which I have otherwise found very useful - Using Evernote's Quick Note feature to produce simple tutorials on procedures on the mac by writing a text as I carry our the procedure myself and pasting in screen shots. This is no problem with snaps from quick note itself - but sometimes I need timed snaps of part of the screen - which Skitch can do so well - and I can't simply drag the images into the Quick Note pop up window (the window pops off when you try). Copying and pasting seemed the obvious workaround to this problem - but while the image is displayed in the Quick Note window, and while the resultant note can store the TIFF, Evernote itself can't display the images in the saved note. It would be very helpful if one or both of the following could be done 1. Skitch no longer defaults to TIFF in copy and paste (or this can be an option) 2. Evernote supports TIFFs - i.e. can display TIFFs inline. Of course, I may be missing something. Is there another solution (rather than workaround) to this problem?
  4. SOLUTION I've had the same problem. I can't get PDF to Evernote to work (from the print dialogue) in Mountain Lion. And I've found a solution. Instead of creating a shortcut to the Evernote application in PDF Services (under Library) - instead create aand to a Folder witih Folder actions set up to send the contents to Evernote. This works. The information on these two steps - 1) set up a Folder which will send files dropped in it to Evernote 2) put a shortcut (alias) (or the original folder) in the PDF Services folder - are described in other posts in this forum and elsewhere. This procedure has the added feature of retaining the files sent to evernote in a folder on your harddrive (till you delete them, of course) btw - I got to this problem because the Beta of 5 locked me out and I reinstalled Evernote from the App Store. It took ages to redownload my notes and I didn't want to repeat the trauma by downloading the non-AppStore version of the application.
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