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  1. Personally the loss of Evernote Food was the point when I decided to cancel my Evernote Premium subscription. It may have not been a major app but the ease of recording food memories (photographs, location, restaurant and notes) made it a joy to use. I never used it for recipes and the constant explanations of how to use web clipper to replace food completely missed the point of how EF was being used by a lot of people. Evernote itself is just doesn't make this an easy task and without a lot of effort (creating tables, editing after the fact etc) the results are nowhere near as attractive and comprehensive. This also brings me to a couple of other factors that ultimately led to my decision to not renew.... Firstly on the Windows platform the EN editor is really dated, it is very difficult to have a mixture of text blocks (plural), images, handwriting and other media in a single note without spending a lot of time on the page structure and messing with table based layouts. Note taking should be about getting the notes in place quickly and easily, not requiring a lot of effort and time dealing with these issues.. I am sure you are sick of the comparisons but OneNote does make this kind of note very easy. Simply being able to have multiple regions of text without messing about with tables is far superior. There isn't an easy way to draw directly into a note in such a way that the drawing can cover other elements e.g. arrows linking separate text blocks or images as a natural flow of ideas, circling things as a form of highlighting, annotating a note etc... The inability to record audio or video and have it synced with your note taking is yet another missing feature, especially the ease of how this can be mixed with other information. Secondly, I am an Android user and constantly seeing innovation after innovation appear on iOS that just doesn't appear, or even get a mention of appearing, on Android. If on the off chance a feature does appear on Android first the announcement will inevitably mention future iOS plans and the feature will be present on iOS very soon. It seems that being an Android / Windows user I am just not a priority for usability or feature equality. In your post you talk about the core applications and core experiences yet as I have mentioned the current editor is limited and dated but you find time to fit in a chat feature, hardly essential given the plethora of chat applications available. The website was functional and a reasonable web version of the desktop app (similar pros and cons as well), yet it was replaced by a version offering less functionality and showing less information in the same amount of space. e.g. No hierarchical notebook view at the same time as the notes list, searching by tags, easily filtering searches. Not sure how a post that started off talking about food ended up as a general rant, but it did...
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