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  1. Hi, I find myself often doing this 6 Step dance to send and archive documents that require a signature: Dance Step 1: I get the document via Email, either as Word or PDF Document Dance Step 2: I print it Dance Step 3: I sign the paper version Dance Step 4: I scan the paper version with the Evernote App Dance Step 5: I drag the PNGs out of Evernote Dance Step 6: I create a PDF and send that out One notices: this file starts and ends with a PDF. Why on earth do I need to go through two other medium (paper and image) just to get it back to PDF? Does anyone know a better way??? Thanks Petra
  2. Same here. First time in I don't even know how many years, I have to think about what else to use instead of Evernote. This software is like an extension of my body, or like a room in my house. Makes me dizzy thinking I have to change it. Why did they do that?
  3. There is no checkbox of this kind in my preferences / software update. (I'm a premium user and not part of a business account). Are premium users also excluded from the option to change back?
  4. Same here, long time, dedicated, paying Evernote user and super disappinted about the new notebook view for all the reason people have described here in detail. Very unfortunate if something like this is done without "manners" (user testing, giving choices to go back, informing about this change ahead of time etc) Seems like trouble is ahead with this company. Have started to check out Zoho Notebook to use it in parallel for a while, as an exit strategy. I' so loayal to Evernote, it will break my little digital heart if I have to leave, but what can you do if the dark side takes over.
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