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  1. Hi, I find myself often doing this 6 Step dance to send and archive documents that require a signature: Dance Step 1: I get the document via Email, either as Word or PDF Document Dance Step 2: I print it Dance Step 3: I sign the paper version Dance Step 4: I scan the paper version with the Evernote App Dance Step 5: I drag the PNGs out of Evernote Dance Step 6: I create a PDF and send that out One notices: this file starts and ends with a PDF. Why on earth do I need to go through two other medium (paper and image) just to get it back to PDF? Does anyone know a better way??? Thanks Petra
  2. Same here. First time in I don't even know how many years, I have to think about what else to use instead of Evernote. This software is like an extension of my body, or like a room in my house. Makes me dizzy thinking I have to change it. Why did they do that?
  3. There is no checkbox of this kind in my preferences / software update. (I'm a premium user and not part of a business account). Are premium users also excluded from the option to change back?
  4. Same here, long time, dedicated, paying Evernote user and super disappinted about the new notebook view for all the reason people have described here in detail. Very unfortunate if something like this is done without "manners" (user testing, giving choices to go back, informing about this change ahead of time etc) Seems like trouble is ahead with this company. Have started to check out Zoho Notebook to use it in parallel for a while, as an exit strategy. I' so loayal to Evernote, it will break my little digital heart if I have to leave, but what can you do if the dark side takes over.
  5. Oh, come on, that's like saying I'm going to forever stick with my motorcycle because I couldn't figure out the car in a day. I think 1Password and LastPass are the two top rivals in the password protection market segment, the first being geared towards the visual people, the other more 'normal' looking. They are not the leaders out of coincidence, but because the features are essential to the modern day site nomad. And actually they are not that difficult to master, seriously. If you know how to klick and type, you know how to add a passwords. It's icons on shelves and you click on them and assign username/pass. Come on, it doesn't get simpler than that. I think you just didn't give it enough time because you prefer to stick with what you know, fair enough. Whatever floats your bike, ah, boat.
  6. Wouldn't you be able to achieve the same result by adding the tags "site" and "popClip", for example into the search field like such: tag: site + tag:popClip (that would require that the notes be taged with "site" and "popClip" as separate tags, of course) That way you wouldn't have to repeat the "site:" or "product:" part of the tag all the time, and you'd get an alphabetized overview on that new tags page, instead of everything appearing either under s or under p. Or is there another difference that I'm not seeing right now?
  7. Hm, I use 1password for logins. Link archival software it usually not good at password archival and vice versa. If you use Evernote just for the links to the sites, and then let a good password software (1password, LastPass etc) with browser plugin do the login part, you get the best of both worlds. Workflow for the link nut stash: ---------------------------------------- Step 1) make screenshot of just the logo on a site. E.g. the free screen capture app in applications/utilities on the Mac lets me use a shortcut to switch to drawing mode to use my mouse to draw a free rectangle anywhere on the monitor to 'take a picture' of. The app then makes a new doc with that screen capture snippet which I could save as tiff if I wanted to, but I don't want to, because I don't need to, because Step 2) copy and paste from the screen capture app to Evernote puts the screen capture snippet right into the Evernote note (no need for making a JPG. At least on the Mac it pastes nicely in). Step 3 (for Retina) The new Mac Book Retina now makes these huge screenshots so there is a new step 3 to hammer the picture down to smaller size: - cmd-n & cmd-v in Photoshop pastes it into a new doc. Then cmd-i, tab tab to change the resolution from 144 to 72 - then again select all, copy and paste, this time from Photoshop to Evernote, again, no need to save a JPG. Step 4 (or Step 3 for non-Retina people) In Evernote, select the image, cmd-k to add a link Voila. Sis is all. Parfait. 2 Extras for the visual people: - an empty space between each logo makes it neater. And of course it has a usability benefit: you can then squeeze your cursor in between them easier to select one for deleting or moving etc. - needless to say that if you don't add line breaks, the logo stash reformats with changing the width of the note window. (A poor man's version of a fluid layout) In moments of reoccurring insanity, I keep thinking about bringing all logos to the same width and height, but I do have a life to life, unfortunately, so had to drop that idea. Probably takes about 20-30 sec for saving a link like this. With links one only needs temporarily, just copy pasting the URL is the more sensible option of course. No need to get all fancy and visual with those. This is crazy enough as it is.
  8. lschmam: have you tried deleting the whole table, then reinserting the attachment into a brand new cell of a brand new table in a brand new note? Maybe there was a a hiccup when you inserted that attachment. This reminds me of a 'mini bug' I've discovered in the Mac desktop client: when you have an image and you make it into a link, sometimes when it is set right after another element on the note, it won't bring up the 'add link' dialog. What I learned I have to do is move the cursor in front of the image, hit return to make a regular line break and move the image to a new line. Then the 'add link' dialog appears just fine and I can turn it into a link. Then, I move the cursor in front of the image and delete the line break to move it back to where it was. In your case, maybe what it could also be is maybe also some kind of bug involving something related to line breaks or empty spaces. Like for example you could try this with the existing attachment in the current table: move the cursor in front of it, hit return to move the attachment to a new line, then use the arrow key to move the cursor behind the attachment, then hit delete.
  9. Awesome. Am rummaging through DevCup now. There must be something....
  10. Just tried deskintheclouds.com. Apart from it being too slow to be used in either the web or the desktop form, it's already marching along the wrong usability road, and it has just started marching. Am rummaging through the trunk now to find alternatives. There must be something. There must be...
  11. Is it just me, or is it not that now Skitch and Maps are integrated, the only feature Evernote is still missing is a corkboard type note arranger? I mean something like "Taskboard" from slidetorock.com. For me, the next logical conclusion to notes placeable on a map are notes placeable on a board where I can rearrange them along user-defined rows and columns. Taskboard is missing features like cloud syncing or multiple boards, but when each time I open it, I get that sad feeling that this is exactly what I would like to pin my Evernote notes to. Can't Evernote just buy Taskboard and integrate it? (Hope Steven from slidetorock.com doesn't hate me for saying this here). I'm in no way related to slidetorock.com, btw.
  12. If you make an attachment highlight on click, you can't make it be a link on click any more. I guess the only way around this would be to have a menu popup on highlight to ask you if you want to go to the link or delete the attachment. But that would be silly. I only see the "set cursor behind attachment, then hit delete key" option that Bankrobber mentioned.
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