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  1. Just don't even stress about it - we've got the answer for you. Pack your bags and go over to ZoHo Notebook - it will put a major smile on your face. It's simply beautiful, user-intuitive and a great tool. cheers and good luck.
  2. Why would Evernote be concerned with your needs over their agenda. If I were you, I'd move on. there are so many great note making apps out there with beautiful Grid/Notebook views. Good luck
  3. Sorry to say - that will probably never happen. I'd move on to a better app with the view you want, especially if you are a visual person. Evernote has become irrelevant if you need that Grid or Notebook view.
  4. iaDave - Don't hold your breath on that request. Chances are that will never happen. Many of us have moved on to OneNote, Bear or my favorite so far, ZoHo Notebook. Evernote is a "has been" piece of software and in my humble opinion, much better apps are on the market to replace Evernote. Good luck!
  5. I too was "all about" Evernote. I convinced my wife to use it and basically was a big fan of Evernote, once I fully understood what the potential was. I too was a premium member. It pained me when they went to Flat Design and lost the cool notebook feel - but I soldiered on and kept using it building my research/resource notebooks for both personal and business usage. But when they pulled this last trick it was beyond anything I could get over. But the utter disrespect to the user base was what really irked me. I tried a few products including Bear, MS OneNote, and Google Notebook. But
  6. I've been on their forums and communicating with them. They are determined to be the go-to replacement for Evernote. They are slowly but surely adding functionalities to all of their apps and software across the web, Mac platform, iOS and I believe PC. But the key thing is that they have Grid/Notebook view which trumps everything Evernote has, especially if you have dozens of notebooks that you can't see in Grid view. Evernote could have the greatest functionality - but if you can't navigate in grid view well then who cares?
  7. How's this for Spatial reasoning (screen cap). That's ZoHo Notebook. Beautiful and you can create your own notebook covers.
  8. Stop begging. They won't listen. Do yourself a favor and switch over to ZoHo Notebook or some other platform. You'll be glad you did. Look how beautiful ZoHo is (see screen capture attached)
  9. Well, I switched over to ZoHo Notebook about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it. From a visual point of view. It's amazing. But an IMPORTANT note before you make the switch. They are relatively new to the market and as great as the software is, they are not nearly as far along as Evernote in the functionality. But they are making steady gains and I daresay that in the next year to 18 months they will be a strong contender. If you have many notebooks, I have over 100, Evernote no longer functions for me. I need the ability to visually scan all of the notebooks. The beauty of ZoHo is that you
  10. I agree. I wonder why Evernote is doing both of those things. Doesn't make sense. they should really think twice before making stupid decisions like the one they are making....and have made in past years. Just plain dumb on their part.
  11. When you're considering a new app - consider ZoHo Notebook. I'm really digging the interface. Really beautiful to work with. for now, I use the web version although they have MAC and iOS version as well. I believe they have it in the PC World also.
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