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  1. Thanks. Ximly looks good, but I just can't pay 99 cents per scan. A bit much. BTW, for those who are wondering how to use Image to Text with Evernote, I got a reply from Ricoh (who makes Image to Text) that said that they've had to change their connection with Evernote, so they temporarily deactivated this feature. Let's hope it comes back soon!
  2. Hello I'm trying to use Image to Text on my iPhone and when I get to the "share" command, I don't see an option for sharing with Evernote, just for sharing by e-mail. According to the FAQ on the app's web site, I need to log in with my Evernote e-mail and password, but I can't find any place to log in either. Hmmm. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  3. Well, I did need to use the green string, as I said, because it wouldn't classify the image without it. Sorry, but I don't know how to export notes into shared notes. Thanks for the info on ScannerPro. I didn't know I could save images as .jpg files.
  4. I tried using plain paper and got the same results. Of course it wouldn't work without the green string next to it. Yes, I have a Premium account. The ScannerPro app works well, but doesn't seem to allow searches.
  5. Uh yes, but I've mentioned this twice, in my original post and also in my answer above, under item 3: I'm using the camera in Evernote. Yes, I'm using the Evernote "document camera". What device are you using? iPhone? iPad? Android? And which model?
  6. An update: I tried using the Evernote application on my MacBook and when I searched for the word "to", it found "do not", "They" and "to". When I searched for "which" (a word that's in the text), it didn't find anything. Not much of a help, I'm afraid!
  7. 1. I don't think there is an "i" on the iPhone interface. OK. 2. The forum is a separate thing from Evernote (in some respects), and it can get a little odd if you have multiple accounts (for example), so if you log out and then log in again (it will log you in through the Evernote login page), it should work. I don't have multiple accounts. I'm not sure what you mean about logging out since the whole problem is that I'm logged out. Every time I want to log in I have to reset my password with a new one. 3. Don't give up! Make sure to read my post on handwriting recognition. In particular, I wonder if you are using Evernote to take the photos of your Moleskine notes. This is important, because you'll have much better success with recognition using it (as I mention in the post linked above). I already have given up! Yes, as I mentioned in my original post, I'm using the camera in Evernote to take the pictures. I read your post and you don't say what device you're using so maybe that's the problem. I know that this doesn't work on an iPod Touch and maybe it doesn't work with the iPhone 5 either. Oh well, I paid twice as much for a notebook because I was promised certain benefits. Caveat emptor!
  8. Where is the "i"? I don't see it anywhere, on any notes? As if these problems weren't enough, now every time I try to log in to this forum to post a reply, I get a message saying that my password is invalid and I need to reset it! I know I'm entering the same one I used last time. It's looking like I should stick to paper and pen and give up on the electronic part of this whole thing.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I didn't know I had to wait a couple of hours before doing a search. I don't think that's mentioned in any of the instructions. Here's a sample note that I'm trying to use the search feature with.
  10. Hello I'm using the Moleskine Evernote notebook with an iPhone 5 running the latest iOS version and the latest Evernote version. I'm taking notes by hand and photographing them using the Evernote camera, following the instruction on the web site. My notes photographs get transferred to Evernote, into the categories I set for the stickers, but I have never been able to do a successful text search. I'm writing clearly, even though I've seen example on the web of the text search working with very unclear handwriting. Please tell me what the problem is. Why does the text search never work? Thank you.
  11. Hello This is my first post to the forum. On my iPod Touch, I accidentally deleted an article. I found it in the Trash folder, but according to Evernote support, all I need to do is: "If you think you may have accidentally deleted a note and would like to "undelete" the note, follow these steps: In your Evernote client, browse to the bottom of the Notebooks list and you'll see the Trash Locate the note you'd like to restore and click "Restore Note". Note that this will place the note back in the notebook in which it resided before being deleted." The problem is that there is no "Restore Note" button in the iOS app. How do I restore an item from Trash to a folder in the iOS app? Thanks!
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