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  1. Thanks. Ximly looks good, but I just can't pay 99 cents per scan. A bit much. BTW, for those who are wondering how to use Image to Text with Evernote, I got a reply from Ricoh (who makes Image to Text) that said that they've had to change their connection with Evernote, so they temporarily deactivated this feature. Let's hope it comes back soon!
  2. Hello I'm trying to use Image to Text on my iPhone and when I get to the "share" command, I don't see an option for sharing with Evernote, just for sharing by e-mail. According to the FAQ on the app's web site, I need to log in with my Evernote e-mail and password, but I can't find any place to log in either. Hmmm. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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