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  1. Been wanting this for years as well. OneNote figured it out from the beginning, and i use OneNote for half of my notes for this reason and other features onenote has (I use OneNote for work related notes). Evernote is used for the other half (personal notes and various reference). Onenote also has the screen overlay button always on top for quick capture of a note on mobile, which is an amazing feature.
  2. FYI evernoteclipper.exe process was the cause of the serious performance issues i was having with Microsoft Onenote 2010 ever since I upgraded from Onenote 2007 to Onenote 2010 in April 2012 (On my windows 7, 64 bit lenovo with i7 processor). As other onenote users describe in this post and many others you will find searching the topic. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2010-onenote/one-note-2010-gets-impossibly-slow-typing-lag-when/de2089f5-0851-42b8-9465-d37630c1ba15?page=6&tm=1351262554440 . I just found this thread and changed the registry value to 0, will see what happens. Previously, I would just manually terminate the evernoteclipper.exe process every time I was done using evernote, and would very sparingly use it.
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