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  1. So did anyone test the installer and if so what happened?
  2. As I mentioned above I had to tweak a part of the installer. I think with the new version it will resolve the issues. If you want to test it please send me a private message and I'll send you the beta installer. In the past, the installer did not require admin rights, but now it will not work unless it is installed as admin. ~AGP
  3. Well I think I have the CsvToEn crashing problem solved thanks to the users in this forum. If someone wants to give it a go let me now and Ill send you the test app. The downside is due to some support files that I use, the application requires admin status to install. ~AGP
  4. I sent to google dot com and gmail dot com and both bounced.
  5. what email do you want me to send this to? also just want to confirm that it crashes before displaying the interface correct?
  6. ok folks I finally got some time to look at this and it may be that a DLL needs special registering. If someone is still having problems and they want to test an installer just let me know. I'd like to see if this registration makes the program work properly. ~AGP
  7. Here is what the documentation says about the title: <!-- Corresponds to Note.title field. May not begin or end with whitespace, may not contain line endings or Unicode control characters. Must be between 1 and 255 characters.--> So I suppose I can put those safeguards in. The HTML content should work as the renderer in Evernote is HTML aware. Let me look at how that works.
  8. yes indeed. I took one CSV file and deleted the title on a couple entries. The original file uploaded no problem. The one that's missing a couple of titles errored out with MISSING_NOTE_TITLE. So it appears that Evernote requires a title for every entry.
  9. When you select the "Title" field is it possible that one of your entries has an empty or null title? Let me run a test with that scenario.
  10. That's strange but it does lead me on one track to try and fix it. When you selected your fields did you have a selection for all of them? Even the note title?
  11. Sorry folks. Haven't had time to troubleshoot this issue. I've tested it on Win8 x64, Win8.1 x64, Win7 x32 and have had positive results. I may try to setup a VM with an instance of Win8 x64 as close as possible to a clean confiuration as I can. I think its due to some dependency files missing on the target system and/or permissions. Also, those with problems...have you tried one of the older versions? I developed those on a different system which may also be part of the cause of the issue.
  12. Well I am stumped. I tested this on Windows 8.0 and 8.1 x64 and also on Windows 7 x32 and they both tested ok. Im just not sure what is causing the problem. ~AGP
  13. Make sure you have file extensions turned on. You may be double-clicking on the config file which is actually .exe.config. You should be clicking on the application file which has a little guy as an icon. ~AGP
  14. Ok folks lets try this one. It's CsvToEn and available at https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B6RcZCcts8ceYWY4NTMzZjYtMmI2ZS00NmJiLWE5NTAtOGMyMGVmY2RhYmRi/edit?pli=1 Make sure that you decompress it to a folder. Do not run from within the zipped file. I tested it on my Windows 8.1 Preview x64 machine and results were good. This one requires the .NET4 Framework so please download and install if you don't have it. ~AGP
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm still trying to track down why it's bombing on x64 machines. I have several theories and am trying to chase those down.
  16. Well let me test on another system. Do you have all the .NET framework versions installed?
  17. OK it doesn't work in x64 but have you tried extracting it first? If you run if from the compressed folder it will not work. You have to uncompress it first. On My Windows 8 x64 I tested it and it works no problem.
  18. Not sure I understand. It does work or it doesn't work?
  19. Are you extracting the zip package or running it inside the compressed folder? It will only work if you extract the contents first. Also make sure you have the .NET2 Framework installed at a minimum. Don't believe you need version 3, 3.5, or 4 but wouldn't hurt as many applications nowadays need at least one of those framework versions.
  20. ok CsvToEn v1.0.0.3 is available at https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B6RcZCcts8ceYWY4NTMzZjYtMmI2ZS00NmJiLWE5NTAtOGMyMGVmY2RhYmRi/edit this one works in x64 systems. any problems just let me know.
  21. Don't know anything about templates in Evernote but have you tried the app I developed? I have a link some posts above.
  22. ok i just did a test with the newer process and it seems to work with x64. i'm going to compile this and test and probably release within a week. if you have any suggestions let me know.
  23. That's been a show stopper for me. I develop on an x64 machine but one of the processes on the executable only runs on x86. Let me take a look to see if I can fix that.
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