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  1. I'm wondering if I use my points to upgrade to Premium, if it will revert to Plus (which I'm on now) after that period? And also, how does the charging work. If I have 6 months of Premium points, will my current paid plan for Plus be extended for 6 months (as though the points paid for those months).
  2. Still happening for me... Now December, 9 months later. Any fix on the horizon? The concerning thing for me is Evernote seem to be prioritising new features (I see today the web client got nested tags), but yet bugs that literally wipe out user data/metadata have been lingering for 9 months... Had some text wiped out yesterday due to a different bug. Not losing user data should be number 1 priority. The cynical part of me thinks maybe they're ok leaving user data destroying bugs in as it gives an incentive for users to upgrade to Premium so they have note history and can recover thei
  3. I would also love to know. I really don't appreciate my information being wiped out at random. As I type this I just lost 20 minutes worth of notes. Thanks.. This is seriously poor design if it can't handle a syncing issue without wiping out user data. The user data is there in the browser, and it should wait until it can sync it. Somewhere in the code it's making a choice to delete the users input.. Is this an active bug issue? is it being worked on? Is there a fix in the pipeline?
  4. +1 Every time I click and drag an image into a note, it jumps to the top. Very frustrating.
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