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  1. KrisGal, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. It is an important feature for us, and having it back really helps.
  2. Hello, I would like to see the ability to subscribe to notebooks published by a business organization returned to Evernote for iOS. This was an essential feature for our organization, and the recent discovery that the ability to join published notebooks has been removed from iOS and must now be done on a computer (not available) or online (EN web not supported for iOS) has had a major impact on our teachers. I hope this feature is set to make a triumphant return soon.
  3. Hello Again, I am the Admin Sadly, looks like my suspicions were correct, they have removed this extremely important feature! From my support chat yesterday... ME: Hello, I am the admin for a group of 80 teachers that use evernote in the classroom. We use Evernote with iPads to share and distribute curriculum. OUr model up until now has been to create curriculum from a single account and publish it to our business account. Teachers would then join the notebook from the company list of available notebooks. However, in Version 8 noone can find a place to subscribe to published company notebooks. We don't have computers, and Evernote web doesn't work on the iPad, it says to use app. What can we do? How can teachers subscribe to our published notebooks? EN: Hi! At this time there isn't a way to join business notebooks from the iOS Evernote application, this would need to be done using the desktop app or Evernote.com. Once the notebook has been joined you'll be able to access it from the iOS app. Because the Evernote webpage isn't optimized for use on mobile devices, you'd need to access this site using a computer web browser ---- How crushing for our organization. Am now actively looking for a system that offers opt in content sharing for group of people in the same organization to replace Evernote. Does Google or MS ofger these features? As a paying organization for over 3 years, this is so dissapointing, especially considering the thousands of curriculum documents we have shared. With 2 weeks until start of the new school year (April here), we are in a tailspin Thanks again for your help gazumped.
  4. Hi Gazumped, Thanks for that. sadly that was one of the only things that I was able to find as well, but sadly that only describes how to switch to your business account from your personal one. Once you have done that you can see your business related notebooks, notes, and all the company notebooks I had joined prior to the update to version 8. However there doesn't seem to be anyway, that I can find, to see the "published" notebooks and "join" them like there was in version 7. Such a shame when something that was working and was an essential part of your tool set and operations is removed, leaving paying customers scrambling to find solutions in a work place environment Thanks again for trying.
  5. How to I subscribe to my company notebooks from iOS?
  6. I work with a group of 80 teachers that use Evernote on iPads. We share curriculum with teachers through the shared business notes feature. In version 7 teachers would go to notebooks, go to company notebooks, subscribe. In verison 8, we can't for the life of us figure out how to subscribe to business notebooks form the iPad. We have a new school year starting in 2 weeks and our core curriculum sharing is based on subscribing to company notebooks. Is this really a web/computer only feature now? Teachers don't have computer access, and need to do this on their iPads. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. The reason the two sound so different is because the audio files themselves are encoded very differently. The Quicktime file, which I wasn't able to actually listen to, as I think it might be referencing a different file, is an AAC file that was recorded at 44.1khz, and in stereo. The data rate is 194.44kbits/sec. It is a high quality file, similar to the quality of a song you might download from itunes. The Evernote file is a MS-GSM codec file that is recorded in mono at 8Khz. The data rate on this file is 13 kbits/sec. As you can see the data rate is much lower and will create much smaller file sizes. The Evernote file is similar in quality to bad cellphone audio. I am not sure why Evernote decided on this codec, but it is very light and allows for long audio files that can be sent back and forth between servers and devices fairly quickly. They may have also selected it as it is similar in audio quality to listening to a phone call. However, there are usually heavy artifacts and a great deal of lost data. Recording in a large room with bad acoustics would make these files hard to listen back to, unless quality headphones and some EQ was used. Thanks to the AAC compression type, the Quicktime file you posted would take up 1.4MB per minute. With the 50MB limit in Evernote you would be able to upload a 35 minute file. If my math is correct, the Evernote file would allow for over 9 hours of audio based on the data rate info in the file. It would be great if Evernote would allow some other options in terms of quality, but in the meantime, you can use other apps as an in between. One of my preferred apps is Voice Recorder HD, which allows you to set the quality between low, medium, and high, and allows the audio file to be sent to Evernote. High Quality is 16 bit, 44.1khz, mono (5.05MB/minute) Medium Quality is 16 bit, 22Khz, mono (2.28MB/minute) Low Quality is 16 bit, 8Khz, mono (.92MB/minute) The low quality looks the same as the original Evernote file, but it uses 16bit little edian instead of MS-GSM encoding, so is a bit bigger (and maybe acceptable quality to you). The high quality is near CD audio (except that it is mono, not stereo). The medium quality might be the best option as it would allow for about 20 minutes of audio at a time. Sorry of this only confuses everyone... I like audio
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