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  1. Having this same problem as well "On my iPad. Click save to on an article you want took save, click the Evernote icon from the range of resulting options, the little compass comes up, saving circle completes, the just stays in never ending saving. Nothing gets posted to Evernote. 

    I am on ipad 10.5 iOS 11 Dev. beta 9, but the issue was happening in iOS 10.

    Earlier user DTLow stated "I have an open ticket on this #2195855"

    Does this mean that is a known issue and you are able to reproduce?  any update on the ticket you can provide..tx!

  2. 3 times tried to download and install. 3 times it's hanged (hung?)


    - direct download version

    - Mac book Air w/Yosemite

    - I get the notice an update is available

    - click to download

    - close main app while down loanding

    - click to install when prompt

    - CPU monitor says "not responding" at 176%


    I've tried shutting down and doing as a fresh restart. I've submitted the crash reports that apple asks for


    4th Time..after force quitting the install...I bring up what I think is the old version...the synch wheel turns a bit

    I go to check for updates again....and where it had told me the new update was still avaiable....it now says I'm up to date.


    kicked it 4 times to get it to work.


    Hope this helps

  3. Just answered my own question above about banding.


    1. if you use EN without a window behind it, you correctly see the green bands separating "rows" of notes

    2. If you are using evernote with another window behind it....where ever the window behind EN...overlaps with EN in front...EN looses it's banding in the area of the window behind it.


    Is this how it should be?

  4. So what about the banding...? I added a full picture of the below on another thread outside of this one.


    Green/white row banding is present on the right hand side of the image...but fades out as you go left. 


    Not an optical illusion..it looks this way at all angles. Is this as intended?




    BTW - image upload is limited to 30K so I can only upload this tiny screenshot...(for Evernote...where I can store everything?)!!




  5. Did a little more digging - looks like there is an attempt at contrast...but may not be functioning as planned...


    Attached screenshot shows light green banding on right hand side...but seems to fall away as you look left.


    This isn't an optical illusion..it looks the same way from multiple angles.


    Hope this helps..



  6. Huge fan. just downloaded new version.


    Noticed that title bar (title, tags,date) seems to have same opacity as note titles below them.  This renders note titles difficult to read when scrolling through list of notes.


    Screen shot attached. Is this as intended? (and why..?)



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