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  1. Thanks. Found your original post, but went through *your* profile to find it. i didn’t know my profile could shortcut me to support threads, so thanks for that. in this case-because your original answer was in a different thread (which I wasn’t a part of )-don’t think I could get to the answer by going through my profile. Regardless good to know that the half-width pages are a known bug. regards
  2. HI - I’m having the same issue of “web clips” showing at only half their width when viewed on an ipad. @PinkElephant - It’s great to know you may have a fix..but I couldn’t find your answer. (Looked on your profile, trying to see your recent posts - but didn’t see it..or may have missed it). Question: How would I see the duplicate of your post above? Thanks in advance.
  3. I confirm it works as well (thanks evernote). My scenario was: iOS11, using "flipboard" saving articles to Evernote, via the "Sharing Tray". Previously sharing wouldn't complete. Now it works as expected.
  4. Much appreciated update DTLow. Being able to provide definitive info like that is helpful and should stem other posts related to "save to" problems or problems with the iOS share sheet (trying to add some words that my make it easier for users to find this in search). Cheers!
  5. Having this same problem as well "On my iPad. Click save to on an article you want took save, click the Evernote icon from the range of resulting options, the little compass comes up, saving circle completes, the just stays in never ending saving. Nothing gets posted to Evernote. I am on ipad 10.5 iOS 11 Dev. beta 9, but the issue was happening in iOS 10. Earlier user DTLow stated "I have an open ticket on this #2195855" Does this mean that is a known issue and you are able to reproduce? any update on the ticket you can provide..tx!
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