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  1. I'm experiencing the same issues as what other users have posted here. In a 755kb note with ~2,600 characters and some formatting but only a couple small JPEGS. It has made taking notes nearly unbearable. The note contains mostly bulleted lists and short sentences, as SoftwareMarcus described. Here are some stats and specs as requested: 2,800 total notes ~100 tags 2015 MacBook Pro, 2.8 GHz i5, 8GB ram running direct download v. 6.1
  2. JMichael thanks for linking to that thread - I hadn't seen that yet as I don't think it's pinned and I wasn't sure if my post was relevant to sharing, Work Chat, or both I'll take a look and see if I can contribute anything worthwhile. Hey mcheng, I appreciate your timely response and thoroughness. "Currently shared notes are references that show up in work chat" I think this might be where some of my friction is showing up. Please correct me if I have this understanding wrong: Work Chat collates "bookmarks" (references) that point you to notes contained on another accounts, shared with you by the users on those accounts - opposed to an inbox containing the actual notes shared with you. If that thinking is correct, it helps me understand the concept of Work Chat a bit more, but isn't consistent with how the Work Chart sharing feature is perceived to function, at least by me and others I've been trying to use it with. "This is unchanged from the old style of sharing via email. The recipient MUST click through the link and either create an account or login to access the notebook." I haven't discussed this with any of them since yesterday, and with it being almost 3 weeks ago I can't remember exactly how they were trying to access the shared notebook but I was there with them and would have (I hope) had them try the link in Work Chat and the email they would have received. They are all users who I have successfully shared notes with via Work Chat just days before sharing a notebook with them. If I remember correctly, the links they received in the email and Work Chat acted as dead-links. I'll follow up with them next week though to clarify. "The faces both represent the people viewing the note at the same time as well as the current editor." Are the faces you're referencing the small user identifiers (profile photo or initial if they don't have an image set)? Thank you for clarifying those points for me. This could be made much more user friendly. While I was able to make sense of the lock icon - it was very confusing for the new users I was helping get set up to share notes with. It would be helpful to give function to the profile faces on shared notes. For example, clicking on a face gives that user access to edit the note. When trying to collaborate on a note and work congruently with others, it's cumbersome to make your edits, click off the note, tell another user to bring up the note, make their edit, remind them to click off the note, etc. I'm not against Work Chat fundamentally - I was actually excited by the prospect of it, which is why I waited so long to see if I would make it over the learning curve. But it started to feel like I was in a bad relationship and had to ask myself, "is it me...or you?" Again, thank you for your time in responding, I look forward to the Evernote tool set maturing and becoming better at what it's intended to do.
  3. This concisely captures my experience with the new sharing interface. I've been trying incorporate Evernote into collaborative work as part of a professional degree program and the sharing interface has been thoroughly confusing to use. Some points of friction I've experienced: When sharing a note, it's not intuitive where that note actually "lives" - does the end user need to copy or move the note to a different notebook to save a copy?"So is this a shared note or notebook?" - the sharing interface feels unintuitive for new users (who signed up for Evernote to access notes shared via chat) who are disoriented when trying to navigate the chat room (board?) and the shared content with in that.When sharing a notebook with 5 people, only 3 of them were successfully granted permission to access the notebook - the others received the notebook invite via email but the link would not do anything when they clicked it to access the notebook.The chat-sharing concept is supposed to aid collaboration, but when sharing a note its only editable by only one person at a time (at least that's what I think) while the others are locked out and can only view the note. This is understandable because of syncing conflicts, but there is nothing to explain that upfront and the small lock icon on the top right of the note isn't very apparent or informative. When can another person regain access to editing the note, if multiple people are viewing it? And to make matters worse, I submitted a support ticket (#943571) on February 7 and just received a reply from Evernote support today, 18 days later. Sure, I was working with others on the weekend and support was closed, but two and a half weeks is too long. How am I to trust Evernote to contain my life's work, if they aren't there to help me when the tools stop functioning? Not to mention how foolish I feel when I convince almost a dozen people to create accounts and then be unable to understand or explain why the sharing process is so difficult.
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