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  1. Double-clicking on the header/icon of the attachment will (or should) open the file in the default app. Sometimes, all a user needs is to copy a small portion of the PDF for use elsewhere. No need to open the file for that. Just select in the Note inline preview mode and copy. Perhaps you missed the point of double-clicking on the attachment header/icon vs in the body of the attachment. Maybe this screenshot in EN Mac 6.2 on Yosemite (10.10.5) will help clear things up: I don't get the desire for that. Do you know how useful clicking on the header is when you are 3 pages down in the preview? Not at all. I may be in the minority, but I suspect the number of people copying and pasting data out of a PDF in the EN preview window is pretty small. Double-click on an Excel file and Excel opens. Double-click on a word file and word opens double-click on an PDF file and it turns blue. Very useful. I can appreciate how that might seem like odd behavior given the discrepancy between the two operating systems, but I agree with @JMichael; being able to double/triple click directly in an inline PDF to copy information is useful. A significant portion of my time in Evernote is spent reviewing lectures and synthesizing information based on lecture notes. I can annotate lecture slides as a PDF in Notability on the iPad and export them in to notes, specific for each lecture. With the PDF shown inline at the bottom of the note, I can reference information in the slides quickly using a keyword search. I can then select and copy a line of information using a double or triple click, navigate back to my written notes at the top of my note and paste what I just copied to integrate the lecturer's material with my own. Without ever leaving the note. Here is a quick illustration if you care to see: https://www.evernote.com/l/AFG3B5KC0_lBILnUGBo7-sAumR_XatNCBK8 If I had to leave a note to do this each time, it would significantly slow down my work and likely interrupt my flow of attention on the material.
  2. I'm seeing strange character spacing in my reminders list. Running Mac 6.3 Beta 1 on OS X 10.11.1 Here is a screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/l/AFEd4ZyjiixMo4kTk6n1oouJ7lOU_52YAF8
  3. I'm not able to reproduce this. Does anyone else see this same issue? I'll contact you directly to see if I can get a sample. I will respond to the private message. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a numbered bullet with "1. " 2. Do not continue the numbered list. Instead add some white space, return key (not line breaks i.e. shift+return). Works with or without text and other stuff between bullets. 3. Create the next bullet with "2. " etc Note editor correctly shows "1. 2. " etc. Presented note shows "1. 1. " etc Tried with new note, same result. I'm seeing this same behavior; Using Version 6.2 on Mac OS X 10.11.1
  4. I just noticed the increased minimum size - is it because of the reverted toolbar? Disappointing as it doesn't work nearly as well in split-screen view now. Having a shortcut for opening a note in a new window would be great.
  5. While I feel the new keyboard shortcuts for lists may potentially be intrusive on some users' experiences and possibly redundant with previously existing shortcuts, I just wanted to add a use-case in which the new shortcuts are useful (for me at least). A large portion of my time in Evernote is spent taking notes, mostly bulleted and numbered lists. Sometimes I want to add an image or insert a table somewhere in a list. Previously, if you didn't want that item to be bulleted or numbered itself, you would have to break the hierarchy of your notes - in my case, losing the numbering of the top level of the list. With the new shortcuts, you can break the numbering hierarchy, add the image and then go the the next row and change the numbering back. If there was some way to achieve this before, I wasn't aware of it, but this is, at least, something to think about while working to improve the editor experience. Also, this build (beta 4) has seemed solid in the couple days I've used it. As others have mentioned, keyboard shortcuts for the notebook-picker now work while in the tag editor (which didn't in the last build) and the context menu seems to act appropriately regardless of how you are viewing a note and odd things like the color-picker for changing font colors is much better. I do prefer the larger icons of the last editor toolbar. I feel they looked nicer and were also able to be visually located quicker when glancing to the toolbar, making them more functional. Re-indexing also went unnoticeably for me on a 2.9 GHz Macbook Pro.
  6. Ha - yeah going in to preferences to check the format bar option worked for me too. I didn't know a preference had to be selected for turning it on. I'm still seeing the odd behavior with fullscreen use and opening new note windows. Also, I'm getting odd behavior with pasting from Microsoft Word 2015 in to a new note. Selecting all and copying in Word, then attempting to paste in to Evernote isn't working. The text just won't paste. I can copy and paste text from other notes, though.
  7. Marcus, I'm really looking forward to the improvements mentions in the Evernote blog post and elsewhere in the forums! I just updated to the 6.2 beta and am experiencing some odd behavior using fullscreen view on OS x 10.10.5. When using Evernote in fullscreen and opening a note in a new window I notice the window opens on top of fullscreen mode (as it did before) and now the background window is dimmed. When switching the newly opened window to fullscreen using command + control + F the window goes to fullscreen, however when taking that note back out of fullscreen mode the behavior seems to go astray and the main Evernote window is actually brought to the foreground (in front of the single note in fullscreen) and minimized. This only seems to happen if using the keyboard shortcut or menu option to initiate full screen of the note. If you use the fullscreen button on the top left of the window to initiate fullscreen the behavior seems to be appropriate. This is especially inconvenient if you primarily work with Evernote in fullscreen and need to quickly move notes in new windows to desktop view. I hope this makes sense in text as I don't have time to record a video right now. Thank you for working with us! I forgot to mention; I'm also not seeing the responsive formatting bar. For me, the tools simply disappear as the window is scaled down.
  8. I'm experiencing the same issues as what other users have posted here. In a 755kb note with ~2,600 characters and some formatting but only a couple small JPEGS. It has made taking notes nearly unbearable. The note contains mostly bulleted lists and short sentences, as SoftwareMarcus described. Here are some stats and specs as requested: 2,800 total notes ~100 tags 2015 MacBook Pro, 2.8 GHz i5, 8GB ram running direct download v. 6.1
  9. I'm currently using 6.0.12 beta 2 (451599) – after previously experience the blank app issue, Evernote is now functioning well. Marcus (and team), thank you for being so willing to find a solution for this issue and flexible in your approach. Regarding the idea of beta testing, why not rely on the Mac beta group more heavily? I'm new to that group, so that may be occurring already, but that seems like a good place to start the beta releases before they are disseminated more broadly. In any case, the participatory approach is welcomed and encouraging, thanks!
  10. Marcus - This version won't load and launch properly for me. See the attached screenshot – the app is blank. Despite the interface being blank I can still create a new note and have it appear on other devices and the web. Using keyboard shortcuts and limited menu options (those that aren't greyed out and inaccessible) I can also navigate to the notebook viewer, notes list, and note content of the notes listed in the notes viewer. However, I'm unable to access anything in the sidebar or search bar, including saved searches. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times with no luck. Could you provide a link to the direct download version of 6.0.11?
  11. Just wanted to update this to let others know the issue has resolved itself. While I'm not certain, I believe it behaved properly after quitting Evernote and restarting my computer.
  12. I'm also not able to reproduce this issue on Yosemite. jvojordo, can you try a test by creating 2 brand new notes with the same single tag in each and see if that works. If that works then that might mean there is something unique about the notes you're selecting. @SoftwareMarcus Just tested by creating 2 notes in the inbox and given each the same tag, no luck. It's also unsuccessful when I search "notes tagged 'x'" – "x" does not show up when selecting the notes returned by that search.
  13. @JMichael I did submit a bug report (# 1047097) after you reported normal use, I figured I was likely a somewhat unique case. I haven't had good luck work chat in the recent past – hopefully they'll escalate it from here. Thanks for taking the time to check on your end!
  14. @JMichael Yeah, in the screenshot, all of the notes contain three common tags. For example, "essay B" appears in each note snippet, though isn't displayed in the "click to add tags" box to the right. It's one of those things that's so second nature to me, I'm not sure if I'm just overlooking something obvious or it's really missing – Like trying to tell someone verbally the cheat-codes to video games back in the day...just give me the controller
  15. Ver 6.0.10 is showing common tags for me, running OS X Mavericks (10.9.5). Was this bug introduced in Ver 6.0.11? Yeah, I think it was introduced in 6.0.11 - though I didn't specifically look for it in 6.0.10 I'm using v6.0.11 on OS X 10.10.3. Here's a screenshot
  16. Bug: Common tags aren't displaying when selecting multiple notes, which makes batch processing difficult when you need to remove a tag from a batch of notes. The Account Info menu looks much better!
  17. Thanks for the feedback. There is a checkmark in the circle indicating your account level and as you say it's supposed to indicate the other levels you can upgrade or downgrade to. If you're premium it only shows Premium. We also change the title bar. In any case that's really great feedback that it wasn't really obvious to you. Thanks Marcus! Yeah, I had to check my account online to verify that my subscription properly transitioned as premium as I couldn't tell by looking at the Account Info menu. Though, after verifying it become clear that the three circle signify subscription status. I hope I'm able to communicate my thought process well enough. In any case, thank you for being responsive and communicating with us so well.
  18. I'm experiencing the same thing. After unselecting the advanced notebook option in the preferences menu and restarting Evernote, the option becomes re-selected and the advanced notebook view persists.
  19. Download and install to 6.0.10 was noticeably faster than past installs, thank you! I did notice that the preference menu option to include betas in updates had been unselected after the update – everything else seems to have transitioned without a problem. The Account Info menu could be more useful. It doesn't seem to provide any useful information and while I know there is no longer a data allowance for premium, this space could probably be used to better communicate subscription level at a minimum (it's not exactly apparent if the three circles indicate your level of subscription or just indicating the possible levels).
  20. I just updated to 6.0.9 beta and tried to delete a notebook from the new notebook view which led to Evernote crashing. After reopening Evernote the app hung on syncing for 5-7 minutes, during which the notebook view became jittery with the displayed date switching back and forth between "DD/MM/YY", abrreviated month and day, or time of day (when the notebook was created?). It stopped once the sync finished after several minutes and doesn't occur when I manually sync. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the new notebook view thread. Below is a quick screencast to illustrate the behavior: https://www.evernote.com/l/AFFxxrWhhiZEmpYE6qshQuhjYcsh6ySc0a4
  21. When trying to quickly reproduce the action for a screencast, I couldn't get it to cooperate. There may be some pertinent step that occurs in my workflow when actually working in the annotation window that's required to make the behavior occur. I'll keep an eye on it as I'm continuing to use it and will screencast it when I'm able to reproduce it. I appreciate your time looking into it righteousdork!
  22. BUG - or possibly just a poor software design issue I first noticed this using 6.0.7 and it seems to have translated to 6.0.8 When working within a saved search, annotating a PDF or note as a PDF causes the saved search to clear when closing the annotation window. The filter seems to return to all notes in the notebook in which the recently annotated note lies. This is particularly distruptive when using a saved search to filter all notes with a specific tag - the result requires you to either initiate the saved search again or comb through your notes to navigate to the other relevant notes (which could be numerous if using a tag centric system). To replicate: Initiate a saved search (saved tag search if possible) Annotate a PDF in a note or note as a PDF contained in the saved search Close the annotation window Saved search is cleared and user is returned to the notebook containing the annotate note/PDFI'm running OS X 10.10.2
  23. I'm experiencing the same thing – installed beta, restarted computer after install, quit EN & EN Helper, ran command (in a new command window which provides a "process complete prompt"), re-opened EN and no change in notebook view. My account is the only one on this computer and thus has admin rights. Doesn't particularly bother me as others have suggested it doesn't add much, if any, functionality right now but I thought this would be worthwhile to add to the conversation.
  24. JMichael thanks for linking to that thread - I hadn't seen that yet as I don't think it's pinned and I wasn't sure if my post was relevant to sharing, Work Chat, or both I'll take a look and see if I can contribute anything worthwhile. Hey mcheng, I appreciate your timely response and thoroughness. "Currently shared notes are references that show up in work chat" I think this might be where some of my friction is showing up. Please correct me if I have this understanding wrong: Work Chat collates "bookmarks" (references) that point you to notes contained on another accounts, shared with you by the users on those accounts - opposed to an inbox containing the actual notes shared with you. If that thinking is correct, it helps me understand the concept of Work Chat a bit more, but isn't consistent with how the Work Chart sharing feature is perceived to function, at least by me and others I've been trying to use it with. "This is unchanged from the old style of sharing via email. The recipient MUST click through the link and either create an account or login to access the notebook." I haven't discussed this with any of them since yesterday, and with it being almost 3 weeks ago I can't remember exactly how they were trying to access the shared notebook but I was there with them and would have (I hope) had them try the link in Work Chat and the email they would have received. They are all users who I have successfully shared notes with via Work Chat just days before sharing a notebook with them. If I remember correctly, the links they received in the email and Work Chat acted as dead-links. I'll follow up with them next week though to clarify. "The faces both represent the people viewing the note at the same time as well as the current editor." Are the faces you're referencing the small user identifiers (profile photo or initial if they don't have an image set)? Thank you for clarifying those points for me. This could be made much more user friendly. While I was able to make sense of the lock icon - it was very confusing for the new users I was helping get set up to share notes with. It would be helpful to give function to the profile faces on shared notes. For example, clicking on a face gives that user access to edit the note. When trying to collaborate on a note and work congruently with others, it's cumbersome to make your edits, click off the note, tell another user to bring up the note, make their edit, remind them to click off the note, etc. I'm not against Work Chat fundamentally - I was actually excited by the prospect of it, which is why I waited so long to see if I would make it over the learning curve. But it started to feel like I was in a bad relationship and had to ask myself, "is it me...or you?" Again, thank you for your time in responding, I look forward to the Evernote tool set maturing and becoming better at what it's intended to do.
  25. This concisely captures my experience with the new sharing interface. I've been trying incorporate Evernote into collaborative work as part of a professional degree program and the sharing interface has been thoroughly confusing to use. Some points of friction I've experienced: When sharing a note, it's not intuitive where that note actually "lives" - does the end user need to copy or move the note to a different notebook to save a copy?"So is this a shared note or notebook?" - the sharing interface feels unintuitive for new users (who signed up for Evernote to access notes shared via chat) who are disoriented when trying to navigate the chat room (board?) and the shared content with in that.When sharing a notebook with 5 people, only 3 of them were successfully granted permission to access the notebook - the others received the notebook invite via email but the link would not do anything when they clicked it to access the notebook.The chat-sharing concept is supposed to aid collaboration, but when sharing a note its only editable by only one person at a time (at least that's what I think) while the others are locked out and can only view the note. This is understandable because of syncing conflicts, but there is nothing to explain that upfront and the small lock icon on the top right of the note isn't very apparent or informative. When can another person regain access to editing the note, if multiple people are viewing it? And to make matters worse, I submitted a support ticket (#943571) on February 7 and just received a reply from Evernote support today, 18 days later. Sure, I was working with others on the weekend and support was closed, but two and a half weeks is too long. How am I to trust Evernote to contain my life's work, if they aren't there to help me when the tools stop functioning? Not to mention how foolish I feel when I convince almost a dozen people to create accounts and then be unable to understand or explain why the sharing process is so difficult.
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