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  1. This feature has been ignored, and frankly I find it unacceptable. Evernote has failed to implement a feature which, from the looks of it, has enough demand to warrant implementation. We've since moved away from Evernote, and Evernote Business, and have sought after alternatives to this product. Evernote's lack of collaboration tools and features has left us with no choice. Clunky administration, usability failures, and lack of attention to user/client feedback, leaves us no choice but to leave this product and service behind. As a business platform, it completely misses the mark.
  2. I haven't used Evernote much lately. Why? Because these features are crucial to what I'm using evernote for and frankly if it cant show me the appropriate image, and allow me to choose both the thumbnail, or OCR settings for images, I have no time for this product. Sadly we're using a business account, so I'm holding out.
  3. Return of The Zombie Thread Quick question... Thanks for the algorithm, but I have one request... Why not at the very least provide an override feature? That cant be to hard. Assuming that because an image has specific dimensions it is thus more important is great for auto selecting an image. Why not provide a Right-Click Option such as "Choose Tumbnail." I'm working on a pattern library and a feature like this would be great, especially considering the fact that "In Action" or "Examples of Use" images/Screenshots are much larger than the typical dimensions of lets say a Combo Box, Text I
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