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  1. Well it's been three years and this still isn't implemented and Evernote continues to pick the wrong thumbnail. So is this going to be fixed any time soon? I can't even seem to cut/copy an image from Evernote and paste it into an image editing program, so perhaps that can be fixed too. Seems odd to have a native app that fails the basic rules for a native app.
  2. I have read some posts regarding how Evernote 'decides' to select the thumbnail image to show on notes and I still do not understand why I cannot override this behavior by clicking on an image in a note and selecting "Assign Thumbnail". Until this is done I cannot pay money for Evernote as Springpad managed to get this working. Even with this automatic method, Evernote PC vs Web vs Android do different things. On the PC I somehow managed to get the thumbnails that I wanted showing by cut/sync/pasting until it worked (highly annoying). Then I go to view my notes on the Web or Android client and the thumbnails are completely different (super annoying). The most frustrating thing about the poor automatic selection is that even though I have say a 400x400 image that I wish to use as a thumbnail, it keeps picking PDF files that are also inside the not as the thumbnail. And RARELY is the first page of a PDF something I want as a thumbnail. So *please* add a user assignable thumbnail option! I know better than you what I want to see as the thumbnail.
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