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  1. I just created a simple template with a link to https://emojipedia.org/ similar to that 👉 🧰🛠️🧰 And it does work for me... if necessary I can still remove the link once my note is done.
  2. Please Evernote Team, Improve graphic & drawing features inside a note! as this is truly a nightmare.... (Waste of precious time & money) Almost useless. Especially when working with text box! it is slow, there is no button to shift from grabbing to typing. I'm still not even certain how it happens after 6 or 8 yrs of Membership.... I just click everywhere until the typing cursor appear but it is so silly (Excuse my French) Just make it better... refine all the functions! it should be quick and easy. Do something please? I don't want to pay anymore for such a primitive set of graphic features Thanks in advance! Fred PS: Also add Emoji's inside Evernote I'm sick of having to implement them from my Iphone or ipad.
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