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  1. I agree...this is annoying..to click OK and see the tag disappear. However, there is a simple workaround. After you select your tag and it appears on the line, click "Enter" on the keyboard. It always works. EN needs to fix this bug, even if it is a minor one. Reminds me of Lucy in Peanuts jerking away the football when I click "OK". :-)
  2. Arrrrgh! I don't like the new Windows version layout. As a loyal premium user, I would like to add my support to the cause of getting the shortcut toolbar back as well. And what's with having to go an extra step to create a new note. This icon used to sit in plain view on the top toolbar. Now I have to hit a down arrow to find "New Note". Maybe it's my 14" laptop screen compacting the view, but I can't rearrange the other two icons, "Sync" and "Activity" to bring "New Note" into permanent view. Please, Evernote, don't fix things that "aren't broke".
  3. This may have already been cleared up, but after upgrading to EN 5.2, (Window Desktop client) I encountered the same problem. After trying different things, I finally did this: After right-clicking the tag in the tag list, I retyped it the way I wanted..then hit "Enter" on the keyboard. Simply retyping the new name and clicking to the right of the tag won't cut it...it used to, but not anymore. It doesn't matter if you're showing a note using the old tag (at first I thought it did)...just be sure to hit enter to enact the change. Works like a charm.
  4. Scott, your solution worked perfectly for me. My Evernote kept opening with my Coupons notebook selected which was not useful at all when I really wanted to do a universal "All Notes" search. Now it opens with no notebooks selected, but upon entering a term in the search box, it automatically searches "All notes". Bravo! Thanks! I'll be following your posts from now on.
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