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  1. It's been a frustrating week. I've tried contacting Evernote support for few days and they have no answer for me. I couldn't sync anything on my Android devices and it kept showing sync failed.... Sanity Check:USN Anybody encountered this before?
  2. Thanks man... tried went through the steps but it's not syncing and return the same error
  3. Hi I'm facing the same issue as well and Evernote have not replied me on how to fix this issue. Which database/file that you moved away? Would you mind to elaborate bit more? Thanks
  4. Still no reply from Evernote on this? I would love this feature too
  5. Any plans to move more functionality to the Evernote app from the Windows store version? I'm using Windows RT and its really frustrating that it's not even as good as the Evernote app in my nexus 7
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