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  1. nope, i do not have any uppercases in my stack name, but it doesn't work. if i search for stack:book1 rose the search engine 'thinks' it is searching for all notes that have the word 'stack:book1' and the word 'rose' in them... i.e it is not treating my 'stack:' as a search operator there seems to be something fishy - i will write to evernote too
  2. Hi, i accidentally placed this post in Evernote forum for Windows, as there was a discussion going on in there about this topic. But since i am actually using mac, i am posting it again here, in hope that someone will shed some light on this: I am using Evernote 6.3 on the mac and the stack searching (stack:nameofstack) does not work. I tried with some existing stacks, and with the new simple stack i just made. I have a stack called 'book1' containing two notebooks (book2 and book3) with one note inside of each. Notebook book3 has a word 'rose' inside one note. if i type into search bar stack:book1 rose - nothing happens, zero results. If i simply type rose - it returns the note from book3, plus any other notes with the word rose in them... I should also point out that other types of searches, e.g. notebook:nameofnotebook etc work fine for me. Any new insights? This is very frustrating as i'm sure it used to work in the past. I have a huge stack called WORK and i really want to search in notebookes inside it. Should i write to Evernote support?
  3. I spent time carefully putting a combination of saved searches, notes and notebooks into the Shortcut section (top left in EVNT screen), on my mac, i use that a lot. This has definitely synced. However when my iPad later synced with Evernote, it made those shortcuts revert to was on iPad which is an older version of those items, and my newly selected items disappeared. This happened several times. I don't use Evernote on iPad much (i tend to use it more on mac and iPhone), but for some reason iPad messes up shortcuts! Is this a bug, how do i prevent it from happening?
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