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  1. nope, i do not have any uppercases in my stack name, but it doesn't work. if i search for stack:book1 rose the search engine 'thinks' it is searching for all notes that have the word 'stack:book1' and the word 'rose' in them... i.e it is not treating my 'stack:' as a search operator there seems to be something fishy - i will write to evernote too
  2. Hi, i accidentally placed this post in Evernote forum for Windows, as there was a discussion going on in there about this topic. But since i am actually using mac, i am posting it again here, in hope that someone will shed some light on this: I am using Evernote 6.3 on the mac and the stack searching (stack:nameofstack) does not work. I tried with some existing stacks, and with the new simple stack i just made. I have a stack called 'book1' containing two notebooks (book2 and book3) with one note inside of each. Notebook book3 has a word 'rose' inside one note. if i type into
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