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  1. It seems odd that Evernote takes no responsibility for what is being done by the Apple App Store in its name. The tone of the replies above by Pink Elephant and agsteele is very dismissive, quite boorish, actually. I encountered the same problem, actually: paying for a Personal subscription via one of the many confusing Evernote emails asking me to upgrade, while paying the App Store for an "Evernote Personal - Annual" subscription to the their "Evernote Notes Organizer". Like one of Pink Elephant's idiot students, I never spotted I was paying twice, the apps and web version sync'd nicely, and all was good. Since I use the IOS app more, I cancelled the Evernote Personal subscription, but now my app has also reverted to the free plan. I don't want a refund from the App Store, I want my app to work in the way I paid for. Needless to say, now that I've cancelled the Evernote Personal subscription on my laptop, I can't even send emails to Evernote support. Maybe I should become mean and cynical like Pink Elephant and agsteele, but it seems such a shame, don't you think: going through life getting ripped off and becoming meaner as a consequence? Well, at least now I'm wiser about Evernote. It seems they really need the money.
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