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  1. Great that you're getting users in on this. Here are a couple of my personal pet peeves: List items are indented way too much. Here's a screen shot from (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) on Windows 10.. Wish I could put a border around it but I couldn't figure out a way to do that here. I'd change it in CSS, but AFAIK there's no user-accessible way to do that, and in any case it would only fix this for me, on that one machine. I can't imagine anyone wants the current behavior. Cut/Paste and Drag/Drop of "paragraphs" often results in extra or missing "line feeds" at the beginning or end or the text you move.
  2. Nevermind, figured it out. Switching the Notes view mode (or whatever it's called) dropdown in the notes list header to Snippet or Card (anything but List) also moves it to the left side, between notebooks and the current note, like I'm used to. Not sure if this is new or not, and I have no idea how it got switched to List in the first place. Totally not intuitive, but sorted.
  3. As of when I opened Evernote on my Win7 laptop some time recently, from left to right I see the notebooks list, then the currently selected note, but the notes list is missing from the left side. It used to sit between the notebooks list and the current note, showing the notes in the currently selected context, or search results, very useful. Like many newish laptops, my screen is quite wide vs how tall it is, I'd really prefer the note list on the left. Everything is checked in View > Left Panel, including Notes. The only effect of that menu item that I see is to show and hide the Notes icon on the left side. Is that what it's supposed to do? When I press F11 or check View > Notes, a notes list appears, but it's above the note, not on the left side where it used to be. Not sure if this is the same list I'm looking for in a new location or not. I can't find a preference setting for this. Is this How It Is Now? Hope not. This is version (274507) Public.
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