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  1. Thank you. I will try playing around with that.
  2. Hi, I'm a bit lost. I know I read a solution somewhere but I can't find it anymore I find lots of solutions that tell me how to write scripts that create a new note in Evernote. But what do I have to do when I just want to attach a new PDF to an existing note via Hazel? The note's name could be "mynote" in notebook "mynotebook". Can someone paste me a bit of code that will help me doing this? Thanks! Reiner
  3. When I add multiple documents to Evernote from my scanner I usually have to adjust not only the title but also the creation date, assign tags and move to the correct notebook. I could do that much (!) faster if I had a sticky information sidebar rather than open the info dialogue by clicking the icon or pressing the keyboard combination.
  4. When I paste a note link into another note it will use the linked notes title as link text. Evernote should update this text when I change the title of the linked note.
  5. The editor has some basic built-in support for formats. I would like to see it extended by (user defined?) text formats e.g. “heading”, “quote” etc. to give notes a standard look (especially when preparing for presentations). Alternatively Evernote could just support Markup language to make it a lot easier for everybody.
  6. There are folders I always want to sort by date (like invoices) and others I always want to sort by note title (like my literature notes). I would like to be able to save this setting per notebook so that they always come up the way I need them.
  7. I am using Evernote a lot to take notes and write journals. TextExpander helps me a lot to boost my writing efficiency. Evernote for iOS just doesn"t support it. I understand that other 3rd party apps which kind of integrate with Evernote do but I'd like to see Evernote to support TE on iOS directly. Is there a chance?
  8. I can confirm that the reset of the color (and the weight of lines) is set back to default after every single screenshot. That is rather annoying. Any idea when we will get a fix for that?
  9. I can only second that! Skitch has become a real pain! - Why does it forget color/size settings between to screen shots - Why do I get this ridiculous frame to crop my picture replacing the nice drag function it had before - Why does it not show fonts as they will appear when you position them - only after you dropped them Evernote - you broke one of the best tools ever! I like the integration with Evernote but give us back the old UI. No one requested a new one! Reiner
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