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  1. I also believe this (the second option) would be a very useful option... I am using evernote as the database of a human rights organization that receives petitions from ppl (which I would like to elaborate later on evernote blog). here is the thing... It is necessary that all the petitions are in one notebook... but also I assign petitions with certain issues to certain people... right now, I have to open a new notebook and copy these notes to that folder and share it with the related person... But this is really totally against the philosophy of evernote... There will be two copies of some notes and it would be hard to discern which one is the most updated one... I am asking simply this: i.e. petitions tagged as A in notebook B should be seen by Mr. X, but Mr. X. should not have access to all the notes in notebook B, which would be very unethical and risky. It might look a little bit complicated but I am sure a solution can be find...
  2. Actually, this is a problem, isn't it. I have deleted things on accident and wondered how they got there. I know this might be way beyond the pale, but I think it would be cool if we could have a note generated each day (optional, of course) detailing our activity. I'd like to know all sorts of diagnostic stuff and have it in an easily digestible form. Report for August 13, 2012 12 notes changed 20 notes created 3 notes deleted 2 notebooks shared 1 shared notebook deleted Changed notes blah blah details Created notes blah blah blah details Deleted notes blah blah blah details viewing the trash folder by sorting the notes according to deleted days might perhaps work to keep track of the deleted files... but still an option for certain folders not to let notes to be deleted so easily is a must... I have carried all the database of a petition system to evernote and tagged them accordingly. If a note is deleted accidentially, this means that this petition will never be answered, which is a huge problem... I am still glad that I have changed my system to evernote, before that I did not have any system, using google forms to collect petitions, but would be very happy to have an option to restrict deletion of notes in certain folders.
  3. I also beleive that it might be better if a confirmation question (asking whether you are sure about deleting) is put optionally and Ieave it to the user whether to use it or not.... but I must also admit that the option for sorting according to the deleted date in the trash folder is very helpful... if you realize that you have deleted sth, that will help... but the problem is what if you do not realize a deleted note?
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