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  1. Evernote has come a long way since I ditched it years ago and recently come back. Thanks to the team for adding the ability to resize images, otherwise, I would never have come back. That being said, I really need quick formatting features of say markdown, Apple Notes, etc. where I can quickly toss in a styled heading, quotes, etc. This is very useful for me in journalling, documents, and other types of note taking. Basically I like the idea of each note being unique, but at the same time would like a way to consistently format my notes as well quickly with a keystroke.
  2. I say this with regret, so don't misunderstand... I'm done with evernote. Features like reminders I couldn't care less about. I had those on mac and on windows. Missing features like: Format PainterBasic image editingAbility to quickly jot something down without finding a place for it firstOrganized Notebooks that make sense ... i.e. can create a notebook in another notebook without having to drag it in I like evernote, but there are such glaring deficiencies that other tools do a better job. The only reason I'm writing this is in hopes at some point in the future it will improve... I've looked at everything on the market, and I'm literally switching today to Apple Notes and Google Docs (documents) as a replacement option. Good luck guys.
  3. While this is very useful to edit images, a general resize IMO is a standard feature. Evernote without this feature, since I've posted my forum comment, has grown on me, and I'm now moving all my google docs to it. It's the best option I could find between google docs, Apple iCloud/Pages, etc. Awesome app. It's like a personal managed wiki that works everywhere. Brilliant.
  4. This single missing feature just made evernote a waste of time for me to even review, and more to the point, they just lost any chance of a paid upgrade with me. Evernote is all over iOS and Mac, and you're telling me they think letting users resize an image they import is a waste of dev time? Well by all means, just remove image import all the way around then. Look, I haven't seen a software package of any substantial backing that would let you import images and then not resize/manipulate them. Even free products like Google Docs does this... makes me sad.
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