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  1. Joseph, As you consider Basecamp, you may want to compare it to TeamworksPM. Teamworks is very similar, but has some additional features that we found lacking in Basecamp.
  2. Paulelias, have you looked at a web based project management system like TeamworksPM? We use it for sharing projects, assigning tasks, attaching documents to projects, time tracking, billing, etc. It also has features to allow clients outside of your company to access parts of projects that you give them access to. It isn't a replacement for EN, but based on your comments you may find it useful. If someone could merge the functionality of a TeamWorksPM with a truly business class EM, they would have a very useful product indeed.
  3. That's unfortunate. I assumed that EN addressed these limitations with the business edition. I think it's going to be a hard sell for all but the smallest and simplest business groups.
  4. Our small business has been evaluating EN for Business as an alternative to Dropbox. EN has the advantage of handling more file types more easily, better searching, tags, etc., but Dropbox, which we use now, has the clear advantage when it comes to organization. We need to be able to organize our information at least one more level than EN seems to allow. As an example, our company develops formulations, each of which has many associated files and documents. Within EN we'd love to be able to create a folder called "Formulations" and then within this folder create a notebook for each formulation. Each formulation notebook could then contain all the associated documents for the formulation. As it stands now, each formulation is a notebook, all of which appear at the same level as every other notebook within the "Business Library" view. With hundreds of these, it gets cluttered. Stacks are close, but they can't be shared. Stacks I create on my Mac don't appear in the Business notebook and vice versa. I'm also concerned about the limitation of the number of notebooks, 250 I think, which is far too small for our use. It would be great if EN had the ability to create some kind of organizational hierarchy beyond the klutzy and limited stack concept. Why not replace stacks with "Folders" or that could be shared and capable of handling thousands of notebooks each? Something like: Business Library - Formulation Folder - Formulation notebook 1 - Formulation notebook 2 - Formulation notebook ... - Client Folder - Client notebook 1 - Client notebook 2 - Client notebook ... - Presentation Folder ... I understand that much of this can be accomplished with tags, but that's a hit or miss workaround when groups of people are expected to maintain a tagging system. Thanks.
  5. How practical is it for a small business to use Evernote as a document sharing platform? We're using dropbox now for much of this, but I can see many advantages of using the front end features of the Mac client of Evernote to create documents. What concerns me is what I think is Evernote's limited ability to manage sharing for many notebooks and multiple users. I'd like to organize notebooks into stacks and share these notebooks with a small group of 4-5 people. From another post I learned that I cannot share the whole stack, but need to share each notebook separately and enter the email address for each person. With a few hundred notebooks in 3-4 stacks, this verges on unmanageable. If we add another person do I have to then re-share all 300 notebooks? One suggested workaround is to abandon the stack level of organization, have very few notebooks, and use tags to organize the notes. This does not seem workable to me. Ideally, I'd like to be able to create a group and share access at the stack level. What are other organizations doing? Is Evernote used for more than casual or simple notebook sharing applications? Thanks, Tom
  6. I'd like to create a stack called "Clients" and put 100 notebooks in it, one for every client, and share these notebooks with a group. Can I share the whole stack in one step, or do I have to individually share each notebook? Thanks.
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