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  1. I suddenly have an urgent need for this feature as well. It would save a tremendous amount of hassle on an ongoing, maybe perpetual, basis. It may also decide the matter as to whether the small business for which I work will use evernote as an organization.
  2. +1, and overdue. Sometimes very important for a TOC, or to note up-front the important parts of a long clipping (especially if it's important that the long clipping itself not be visually modified).
  3. I have this problem too. I use the iOS app called "Everlog Lite" -- very nice app for quickly appending or prepending notes (optionally with various data fields, e.g., a date) to existing Evernote notes. It works very well--much, much faster than trying to do the same in Evernote itself. However, suddenly this note (and only this note) is no longer editable within the Windows or iPad clients. Oddly, I can edit it on the iPhone. Addendum: suddenly, after trying maybe a dozen times or two, Evernote on the iPad will let me edit the note as well. Windows will not, however. No cursor appears in that note--it's as though it's a read-only note. Any suggestions? Addendum 2: this morning, after shutting down last night, it works fine. No idea what happened--has never happened before, and I hope will not again.
  4. I heartily second this. For me, it would also be great to be able to go to either the beginning or end of any particular existing note, perhaps also with an inserted time stamp (and new line) there. (And this would be good with or without Launch Center/Launch Center Pro, at least if one could save a shortcut to the Evernote URL on one of my iPhone "desktop" app icons.) This would be great way to quickly keep a running log of various topics of interest, e.g.
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