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  1. Replying to these suggestions: Have you tried completely logging out and restarting Evernote? yes, no effect Can you identify anything common with the ones that are invisible? Large files maybe? no, often only a few pages When you copy the PDF from within the note to a brand new note, does the new note display it? No, same problem in that new note
  2. When I upload a new pdf into a note, the pdf doc is often (not always) invisible in the viewer inside the note, just blank page(s). I have to right-click it, then open (e.g. in Acrobat) to be able to view it. I'm currently using 6.14 in Windows 7.
  3. Hi all - this may be some good news - after I downloaded (307551) yesterday, the problem has disappeared ! (at least I haven't been able to reproduce it)
  4. I'm afraid you'll be disappointed in your search for alternatives. Which makes it all the more urgent for the developers to fix this annoying bug.
  5. Using - the issue hasn't been solved. Confusing & annoying.
  6. Same here. Not only web clippings, but also scanned images. Occurs several times per week. Closing the app doesn't help (the problem remains after re-starting it), but this works for me: Close app Go to Windows task manager Kill process 'Evernote.exe' (no need to kill any of the other Evernote processes) Re-start te app Kind of a tedious workaround, let's hope this annoying bug will be fixed soon. Vincent
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