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  1. Replying to these suggestions: Have you tried completely logging out and restarting Evernote? yes, no effect Can you identify anything common with the ones that are invisible? Large files maybe? no, often only a few pages When you copy the PDF from within the note to a brand new note, does the new note display it? No, same problem in that new note
  2. When I upload a new pdf into a note, the pdf doc is often (not always) invisible in the viewer inside the note, just blank page(s). I have to right-click it, then open (e.g. in Acrobat) to be able to view it. I'm currently using 6.14 in Windows 7.
  3. Hi all - this may be some good news - after I downloaded (307551) yesterday, the problem has disappeared ! (at least I haven't been able to reproduce it)
  4. I'm afraid you'll be disappointed in your search for alternatives. Which makes it all the more urgent for the developers to fix this annoying bug.
  5. Using - the issue hasn't been solved. Confusing & annoying.
  6. Same here. Not only web clippings, but also scanned images. Occurs several times per week. Closing the app doesn't help (the problem remains after re-starting it), but this works for me: Close app Go to Windows task manager Kill process 'Evernote.exe' (no need to kill any of the other Evernote processes) Re-start te app Kind of a tedious workaround, let's hope this annoying bug will be fixed soon. Vincent
  7. For what it's worth : I just discovered that the hyperlinks are "clickable" in the web client, though...
  8. In version 5 it was possible to place a hyperlink under an individual image inside a note (CTRL-K, CTRL-V), which opened when clicking on the image. Pasting a hyperlink is still possible, but it doesn't open any more when clicking on the image. Is this intentional? I found it a nice and practical feature.. Vincent
  9. Does anyone know the following problem? Whenever I choose to secure access to my Ipad app with a password, after a while (1 or two days...), the lock disappears and the app is freely accessible again. Unable to keep the pw lock in place! Vincent
  10. I've now downloaded The bug has disappeared... but only because tag selection works again like before I.e. : existing tags can only be found if you know the character(s) they begin with. Hence, the creation of new unwanted tags is avoided. Would be nice to search on tags by any portion of text they contain, but if I have to choose I go for the lesser pain (as before and again now
  11. The Windows Client auto-suggests tags not only beginning with the characters you typed in the "click to add tags" box, but also suggests those tags where the typed characters appear wherever in the tag name. E.g: typing "mag" will trigger the existing tag "books and magazines". So far so good, but when selecting the suggested tag in that way, it does not allocate the existing tag to the note, but creates a new tag, in the example above "mag", which is of course not what we need. On the other hand, typing "boo" will also show "books and magazines", and when selecting the existing tag it will be properly allocated without creating a tag called "boo". I.e. when the text typed occurs at the beginning of the existing tag, there is no problem, but when the string is found somewhere within the tag, EN unwillingly creates a new tag. Any suggestions? Vincent
  12. Same here, new iphone 5S IOS7.0.4. First week no problem. But three days ago EN crashed. Re-installed it via i-tunes, worked fine for a few hours, same problem again. I'm very disappointed because Evernote was what I was most looking forward to on my new iphone. Vincent, Antwerp, Belgium 16Dec2013 Seems I've been to quick; hadn't read the workaround above yet. This seems to work indeed ! Thanks a lot !
  13. Hi - I have exactly the same problem with some pdf's. But I found a workaround (which works at least for me) : in Evernote, right-click on the pdf attachment and save-as on your desktop. Then on your desktop, right-click on the saved pdf and choose send-to Evernote (assuming you have the Evernote fat client installed on your machine). And - magic ! Now it does arrive as an embedded pdf in Evernote. Or even more simple : drag and drop that 'problematic" pdf from your machine to your Evernote fat client and it comes in as embedded. This works even with attached pdf's already in Evernote: in the fat client drag that attached pdf to the left column, and Evernote creates a new note, now with the pdf embedded instead of attached.
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